Hero Zero is an exciting multiplayer RPG where players can create their own unique superhero characters and embark on thrilling adventures. With a vast array of customization options, players can tailor their heroes to their liking and develop unique superpowers. The game features a vibrant community where players can team up with friends and participate in epic battles against powerful villains. As they progress, players can level up their heroes, unlock new abilities, and become the ultimate superhero. Are you ready to unleash your inner hero and save the day? Play Hero Zero today!

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I lost my account twice. The first time I played this, they were a browser game. They lost/deleted my account when they switched to Google Play. I started my progress again.. but too a long break, I've now returned to find out it no longer has my hero AGAIN!!

It's a pretty neat game. Different than what I thought. Interesting nevertheless and recommend as it's quite fun when you get to understand it. Though I do Recommend this game, it does automatically restart once in a while. Perhaps the Devs can investigate, though doesn't affect my game play, because once it reloads, it goes back to the exact page I was on before the reload. Thanks

This is a very fun and funny game, I played it a lot long ago on Facebook, so I'm super excited that it's now a phone app.

The game is neat, just like during our childhood. However this mobile port is not. Everything is copy pasted from the desktop version without changes, making the UI very mobile unfriendly. The buttons are small, made for a mouse cursor and not a finger on a small screen. There's lots of dead space around the edges of the screen that could've easily been used for a mobile friendly user interface.

can't play the game, it stuck on the "starting screen" saying "downloading game data" and nothing happening. have been waiting since two decades (days) but No! it's still the same damn issue. Uninstalled😪

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Become a real Hero! Choose your outfit, your powers and your weapons! • A new heroic deed has been added. For "Giving a Beating" you need to deal a certain amount of damage to villains.
• It could happen that it was not possible to write in the team chat. This error has been fixed.

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