A heavy tank has always been regarded as a formidable force on the battlefield, with its thick armor and powerful weapons. When paired with a nuclear weapon, the destructive potential intensifies dramatically. The heavy tank’s mobility and resilience make it an ideal carrier for deploying nuclear payloads, having the capability to breach enemy lines and deliver the devastating impact of a nuclear explosion. However, the ethical and strategic considerations of using such a combination are profound, leading to debates on the morality and consequences of employing heavy tanks armed with nuclear weapons in warfare.

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- 1st place: 100 gold bars, 50 uranium, 25 shells. 2nd place: 75 gold bars, 30 uranium, 15 shells. 3rd place: 50 gold bars, 20 uranium, 10 shells.

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- Sure, here's a short reward for the game "Heavy Tank: Nuclear Weapon":1. Rare ammunition crate: +500 damage, +100 accuracy, +50 armor 2. Heavy armor plating: +2000 health, +250 armor, +50 resistance 3. Precision targeting module: +200 accuracy, +50 critical damage 4. Tactical support drone: +300 damage, +100 armor, +50 resistance

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Heavy Tank : Nuclear Weapon

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CODEExpiration Date
0AL4B197February 16, 2024
MZKXV9RFJ0March 25, 2024
AR2UTKO7FApril 11, 2024
FQ0IRZ72YL9April 8, 2024
P420EUQHB6April 5, 2024
RU4KH7PCApril 6, 2024
BU349M1WLSMarch 26, 2024
SF301Z5TGMarch 26, 2024

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Heavy Tank : Nuclear Weapon Review

The controls are stupid and hard to use I think they need to add 2 joystick one for moving one for aiming because just staying it with one finger is just hard. One star horrible controls and the 4th boss when I touch him when he isn't jumping, I die. This game I don't recommend playing if you wanna play with nostolgia

Down grade to graphic so it will look like a retro game, extended the distance before reaching the bosses, make the boss' HP higher & make it so you can destroy their weapons making it so they have less to attack you with, & give more space on the battlefield.

Still need improvement on graphic, like classic shadow for tank. Tank can't oneshot small planes in the first level so I would like to suggest to higher the turret damage and slow the planes for balance. I like this game. And also add music/sfx setting. Thank you. The shield(for tank) is need to fix.

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