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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 1 diamond, 3 resources, 1 equipment, 1000 money, 2 items.

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- 10,000 gold, 50 gems, $100,000, 25 diamonds, 500 resources, powerful equipment, 10 rare items.

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7IhN4ijc685October 13, 2023
RvGnT6jA4i281October 19, 2023
oPNf27UqM187October 18, 2023
LNsujz4TXdg432September 21, 2023
F8fq7zKdJS560October 7, 2023

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An alright game, but battle royale needs serious improvement. You don't know where the storm is, it closes in all at once instead of gradually getting smaller, you have no idea where you need to go, and you just end up getting trapped in the frustrating map design. Try a mini map. Also weaken blood loss, either less damage or less often. It's a good concept though.

A great game tbh, but there are SO MANY ADS that it's unbearable. I really do like the game, and I'd even pay for removing the ads, but it won't let you and forces you to sit through LONG ads. And that completely overshadows any possible enjoyment I could get from the game. So, I have changed my previous review down to one star. Unless you love ads skip this one.

The game is actually pretty fun. That being said, the game falsely advertises online multiplayer, when in reality,(and this is just a guess so that they don't ended up with a lawsuit for false advertisement from people who actually pay for the game.) It seems to be peoples avatars. You level up, but there's no ranking system to keep track of progress or leaderboards. Great gameplay, fast paced and challenging initially. Without real multiplayer though it's pretty stale. Also lying is bad mkay

It's a pretty fun game at the start, but it is NOT multiplayer, has a bad progression system, and is pay to win. It is a single player game that is meant to "feel" like it's multi-player. And I'm not just making an exaggeration out bots. You can literally pause the game at any point. That in and of itself isn't so bad, a "multiplayer" game that you can pause is pretty convenient. The biggest problem is that there is no progression. As you level up, increasing the difficulty and get access to new characters/items, your earnings do not go up whatsoever. You earn the same amount of gold in Bronze league as Gold league. However, your COSTS do go up significantly. So, unless you're willing to fork out a good amount of cash, you will need to actively play for hours just to get a 2% upgrade...

3 star for now. One word, bots. Once you reach a certain level (e.g.: level 7+) the bots will come in waves(sometimes all of them at once). The bots can use all three skills at once. But us(the players have a 1 second CD before one can use another skill) and that's really frustrating because it's hard to survive. If the devs fix this then I'll give them another star. And another star if it becomes online. Sometimes the controls gets crazy and returns to its original place. Very very frustrating.

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Choose the strategy, survive in brutal battle and win in this pixel war! - fixed lanugeage issue
- performance optimization

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