In the epic battle for freedom, hamsters have stepped up to defend their rights. The Hamsters PVP Fight for Freedom has begun, as these tiny warriors defy their size to fight for their independence. Armed with fierce determination and razor-sharp instincts, hamsters enter the arena to prove their worth. Spectators are captivated by their agility and unwavering courage. These hamsters are not just adorable pets, but symbols of resilience and strength. Witness the Hamsters PVP Fight for Freedom and marvel at the extraordinary spirit of these fearless creatures.

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wldRuKiGp724November 22, 2023
8BH1MvbzNE2845January 15, 2024
uTeA0NIsHt676November 25, 2023

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The game a is cute, fun, simple. A few things I don't care for or would like added. 1) I dislike connecting to Facebook to get friends Some folks don't use fb or they may not have anyone that'll play the game (myself) and some may not want to connect fb (also myself) its a disadvantage when it comes to daily quests or having help from players. 2) More energy. The further the campaign it take majority for 1 battle. At least 100 to cover tournaments and the campaign. Keep the refresh time

Love the game! Graphics look's cool to see the fight play out...would love better animations or of not that a wider variety of moves they can even a finish move when the fight is over...or a special move we can click on after it charges up...just started playing tho so if I see that later on as I play then I'll adjust stars

I deleted the game, because i wanted to reset my progress, but it's not reseting the progress. So how can i do that? Also the void rewards are to low, you have to watch a ton of adds and you get little coin rewards... I understand you have to make money from the game, but the shop has some high prices so i guess that will help. Please increase coin rewards from battles also, give coin rewards for when you watch adds when you debuff bosses, this way it will help with progress. Till then 2 stars

Fun time passer, would've been five stars but just recently all the coin costs went up and I feel it pushes purchases more now. I know it's the Des way to get paid for work but it felt pretty balanced prior to the increase in coin cost.

Screws up alot with transactions. Please fix guys. I have just spent $90 for the warlock chest piece in the spend money event. I was over 100,000+ an when I went back into the game It only says I spent 28000. So if you can't fix it before the even finishes I would like the chest piece given to me as I know I'm going to win the event an it couldn't be fixed in time

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Ultimate PVP gaming experience with the unique auto-battle system Api and framwowrks update

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