Gunman Taco Truck is an addictive and action-packed mobile game that combines shooting, cooking, and survival elements. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, you play as a taco truck owner who must fend off waves of mutant creatures while delivering delicious tacos to hungry survivors. Armed with an arsenal of weapons, you’ll blast through hordes of enemies, collect ingredients, and create new recipes to satisfy your customers. With its retro pixel art style and intense gameplay, Gunman Taco Truck offers a unique blend of excitement and culinary creativity.

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- 8 food items, 3 gold coins, 1 gemstone, 5 bundles of money, 2 diamonds, 4 rubies, and 6 pieces of equipment.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $5000, 20 diamonds, 200 resources, legendary equipment, and 5 rare items.

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ix0549hO289November 14, 2023
8mUMN69rOh405October 13, 2023
xvgj9y60Y942September 26, 2023
9ziSKl4c7Ob594September 25, 2023
YDgc5PZR3W314November 8, 2023

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Gunman Taco Truck Tier List

Pretty good game that mixes resource management, survival and food service (I.E the Papa's games) , while I do like it, I do think it's fair to say it is hard... Like, obscenely hard at some points, and I'm a bit disappointed there's no mechanics like unlocking items or new trucks, but that's on me for expecting what wasn't told I guess.

To be honest the game is killer! But the fact that there are no respawns or checkpoints or anyway to continue on death makes this a difficult journey if the dev's see this then the idea to just add a death penalty or a respawn truck (like the one when you have no fuel)that you pay cash or scraps to respawn on full health and continue anyways overhaul it's fun and an intense game definitely one of my favorites

Largely pay-to-win. You can't even beat the first few days of driving through roads if you don't have the appropiate armor or vehicle. This game heavily encourages it's players to spend to actually "beat" the game. Aside from that, there aren't any autosaves. If you die, it's a permanent death. And all that progress you've worked hard on would be all gone.

Too difficult with no respawn. I watched a bunch of ads then die when going to next destination and lose EVERYTHING, all my money, all my items, all my upgrades, f-ing EVERYTHING. Also, no way to replenish some ingredients and you just get to ride out and die because the shop doesn't sell them and now you don't have money for fuel. Seriously, who developed this thinking these are good mechanics for a casual mobile game?

I really like how this game works you got to kill monster and then you can also do some cooking . it will be great if you guys can add more countries and maybe some upgrades . overall the game really is good and awesome .

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Blast your way from city to city. Collect mutant meat and serve mutant tacos. There was an issue loading things into the Store. Fixed.

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