GTA: Liberty City Stories is an exciting action game with racing elements in a large open world. The player takes on the role of a former mafia family member who returns to Liberty City after a long absence.

The situation in the city is critical: the city has become a center of organized crime and mired in corruption, and families are waging a protracted war for the redistribution of spheres of influence. The main character faces a difficult task – to return power over the city to the hands of the former boss. To do this, you will have to enter into a confrontation with criminal clans, corrupt politicians and your own family.

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htl1UWxxxxx Get

- Gold x1697K, Gems x186, Coins x54296

CYMFcXxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x247, Money x29815, Resources x8237K

GTA: Liberty City Stories Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
HE9l3FALWseApril 18, 2023772
ZFm1dhu35enLApril 24, 2023375
8tlQsSeEiYApril 10, 2023549
mJARduyilTVApril 23, 2023665
W8QAFhoiapUApril 7, 2023577

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The game is great but I do keep running into one issue. Whenever I drive to a city and it starts loading, it never finishes. it just stays on the loading screen. Sometimes it would just crash. This game is very great but that one issue bothers me a lot and I wish that it would get fixed. However, overall, this is an amazing game and I hope that you port Vice City Stories onto the phones as well.

Great game I first played it on psp back in 2007. I actually prefer this version because certain things such as sniping (hated sniping on the psp version) are far easier with the touchscreen. There are a lot of sound issues though, but all you have to do is minimize the window and then go back into the game, this usually sorts them out. Also, when you install it make sure your power save setting is off, or it might not install. Try the flick steering control, it's far easier on the hands.

Nostalgic. Just pure nostalgic. Vehicle handling is pretty bad, but I haven't really played this on the console in a while, so I don't have much to compare it too. I'm just blowing it off as it being a part of the challenge in older games. Super easy to play on the phone and the controller compatibility makes it seem like you're about it on the old console again (if you're using a PlayStation controller). Minimal to no bugs, I've only gotten stuck twice between things and had to restart twice.

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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories General bug fixes and improvements.

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