Grubhub for Restaurants is an online food delivery platform that helps restaurants expand their business and reach more customers. With Grubhub, restaurants can easily create online menus, manage orders, and track deliveries, all in one place. By partnering with Grubhub, restaurants can tap into a vast network of hungry customers who are looking for convenient and delicious meals. From small local eateries to well-known chains, Grubhub for Restaurants is a powerful tool to attract new customers and increase sales.

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- 25% off next order, free delivery on next 3 orders, $10 off any order over $50, buy one get one free entree

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- 20% off on first 3 orders, free delivery for a week, $10 off on orders over $50

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7qEMSLlY372October 20, 2023
KDQjJFd4rS414October 14, 2023
YjLH1bCWD541October 30, 2023
hn9VBuqJxkM249September 20, 2023
HxugRl3pI5228November 3, 2023

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Bad bad bad! This place is a rip off they will take your money and try there best not to give it back to you and don't trust any restaurant who partners with them because they also will not make sure you get your money back unless you can afford to lose a bunch of 🤑 don't use this company also seems that other people have had the same problems I wished I would had read the reviews before using them how stupid on my part .I hope this review saves someone from getting ripped off.

Worst app I had ever used. There's absolutely no customer service and they just take cash out of your account without any reason and explanation.

Only 2 orders i've made, one wasn't even close to right, the other was cancelled 15 minutes after ny irder was placed. I won't be using it again, even though they gave me a free 3 month trial for Grubhub+....

I partnered with GrubHub and have been on this platform for 3 months and GrubHub actually has given me nothing but issues from my experience partner never calling back and all the photos I submitted being rejected because it doesn't include food.....I'm a freaking florist 😔 the bumbling in aptitude is astonishing

Wouldn't recommend too many problems either with the order, customer service and within the app

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Track and manage your delivery and takeout orders from your preferred device. We've cooked up some improvements and successfully squished some little bugs we found.

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