Ground operations refer to the activities conducted on land during military or aviation operations. These operations involve a wide range of tasks, including troops deployment, airbase operations, logistics support, and maintenance of equipment. Ground operations are crucial for the success of any military campaign or rescue mission. They require extensive coordination and communication between various units and personnel, as well as careful planning and execution. Ground operations play a vital role in establishing and maintaining control over the operational area and providing support to other operational elements.

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Ground Operation Tier List

Hi,Ground Operation is cool it's also my favorite game! I Like the Cars and skills I also got tricked on Mine Field skill because it looks like the mortar weapon in armored squad but now I know it's a Mine Field skill. And your games are cool too. :-)

Armored strike is too easy even multi-player mode is really easy. So I tried this game.edit: I forgot to tell you there's abnormal thing that disabled my data but it work when I played armored squad. Pls fix it and that's OK if I'm gonna start all over again.

Cool game like armored squad! Can you make more shorter games agian? And why is no multiplayer? The cars is cool and the weapons! Can you add team cars to?

Literally having no problem, a few ads but I don't mind, I hope so you add quality like low, medium and high, good luck improving :)

Awesome Please there should be custom mode And it will be more awesome if it has both offline and online multiplayer mode

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Ground Operation Wiki

Ground Operation is the fast paced car combat game with top down view. - new levels in the "Arena" mode
- if level was failed 2 times it can be skipped
- the default level of difficulty have been decreased
- balance tweaks
- bug fixes

Newly Updated Code: