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Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking Coupon reviews

Currently in free trial mode- have family who use the debit card part and know that works. Only complaint is about chores setup. I wish you could set up a chore to be done 3x/week, but any time during the week. I also wish the jobs could be repeated so they have the ability to go above and beyond throughout the week on things not required, but I wouldn't have to reset that list. Overall easy to use and will be worth it for the debit card

So the app is great if you want your kid to carry a card instead of cash and you can track expenses, etc...HOWEVER, I have had several issues that customer service has been unable to resolve. They tell me to do the same things for every issue that presents. Currently, I had to transfer money from my son's account into the parent's wallet so I could transfer back into a bank account. It says you are supposed to easily be able to do this on the app, but It does not work. Very frustrating.

Love the card and how me and my kid are able to manage his money. I DON'T LIKE THE APP. It seems like whenever I have to do something important, it's on it's weird mode. Neither crashing, nor loading. Just gives me a blank screen and gets stuck on that. Another annoying thing is it constantly logs me out somehow even though I had it set to no PW when getting on the app. It also doesn't show, or update the pictures you set for the kids accounts. One works while the other doesn't. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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