Graveyard Keeper takes players on a dark and twisted journey into the management of a medieval cemetery. With a unique blend of simulation and role-playing elements, the game challenges you to balance the gruesome task of burying bodies with maintaining the cemetery and even experimenting with alchemy. As you unravel the secrets of the graveyard, you’ll encounter mysterious characters and make moral choices that will shape the outcome of the story. With its dark humor, immersive gameplay, and intriguing storyline, Graveyard Keeper offers a truly macabre gaming experience.

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Something tell happened to this mobile game. The game crashes after only a few days of in game play. Even if you try to save and come back to it the game refuses to pull the saved data and freezes. Once played this game for hours in the past and absolutely love it! But can do nothing about it here. It would be 5 stars ... But they haven't fixed the problemd yet.

My save game no longer loads, after loading screen, it stays black. I lost hours of progression. I can start a new game without problem but that does not solve the problem. Also the touch joystick controller needs a dead zone in the middle so I can control the character precisely. Maybe even in small amounts it should just rotate the character without moving. Right now it is very hard to control during a fight.

I have same problem as everyone else. Wouldn't be AS big of a deal if you could at least incorporate cloud saves so every time I had to reinstall I wouldn't also have to restart. Im so sad about this cause I love the game. Even upgraded go a better phone in hopes that would fix it. I was due for an upgrade anyways. Edit: I don't know what changed, but it just all of a sudden started working perfectly. I loved this game on the Xbox. It's going to be great to get to play this at work! 5 Stars!!

Definitely not like the PC or console versions, both of which I adore. The controls are awful, game lags and I'm not sure why but the graphics are also a much lower quality. I mean it's not like the graphics were so astonishing and complex in those other versions. I am sure even lower end phones could handle those graphics easily. Well, hopefully it gets an overhaul and gets more on the PC/console level.

This game COULD be amazing. Sadly it is little more than a bundle of bugs and lag. I deeply enjoyed the game at first, it was quite enjoyable. The problem I have faced is that the game has gotten progressively more glitchy and difficult to play. Just a small list of some of the bugs: game will slow to a stop for seconds at a time (I have 4gb of RAM) menus will randomly close when I am using them and most menus do not pause the game, possibly not even pause menu. Please patch this game!

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Build and manage your own graveyard, and expand into other ventures. - optimized memory usage
- fixed crashes on low memory devices
- other changes and improvements

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