GoreZone is a hardcore real-time combat shooter based on the laws of physics. Take part in fierce and bloody battles with players from all over the world. Fight your friends or have a massive brawl on a private server with up to 100 participants. A large selection of different weapons is available to you, and the character’s damage system exactly matches the reactions of the human body to injury. Enjoy exciting large-scale battles and relax while destroying opponents. The game pleases with dynamic online shootouts, realistic physics and high-quality sound.

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cSEBdqlgWG3 December 18, 2022 109
5fMyPUNipGst December 9, 2022 768
tn7odRIAGm January 7, 2023 595
X80WisYCBxt December 8, 2022 650
c4kd7JTAU3w January 14, 2023 278

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It's not a bad game at all though there is a couple things I would like to see in a future update, and here's my list: aiming for all weapons+a better zooming for the weapons, Friends list, ban/kick, more weapons such as the RPG, machete, baseball bat, basically majority of the weapons from Gorebox, more characters, kill counter, and hud customizer. I understand that's a lot to do but it will improve our gaming experiences a lot. Thanks!

It's great overall, but it just needs an offline server and some npcs to fool around with like the gorebox classic version. It's impressive to be able to see what part of your body takes damage and react. But they lack target practice, hud customisation, more options on mapping, game modes, gun variety, etc. It definitely deserves a 5 star once these updates come out.

Love it, no 🧢!!! This game Is absolutely crazy good, I've only played about 8 hrs or so and can't put it down, the only thing is that I wish the game had was controller support or Gyro at the least😑. I like the fact that you have all weapons at your disposal.....BUT it would be nice to have weapon pickups . ( PLEASE ADD GRENADES ) other than that a good game to work on your hip fire and if you like using a small crosshair....make it bigger please and add weapon blooming.

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-Matchmaking improvements

Name GoreZone
Version 0.10.1
Price FREE
Rating 4.0 (5414 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 29, 2022
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