GoPro Quik is a user-friendly and intuitive video editing software designed for GoPro camera users. With Quik, you can easily import and organize your footage, edit and trim clips, add music and effects, and create stunning videos in just a few clicks. The software’s automatic editing feature intelligently analyzes your footage to select the best moments, making it even easier to create professional-looking videos. Plus, Quik offers a range of customizable templates and themes to add a unique touch to your videos. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned GoPro user, Quik is the perfect tool to enhance your video editing skills.

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Great app. Quick simple movie/video put together. To have your photo/video imported from the gopro, you have to download it to the app and then download it to the phone. That's twice the memories on your phone. Video editing freezes up a lot and restart. Gopro has a good selection of music to pick, but it won't download it & and save it to your editing. The app is failing.

Really do not enjoy this app. You can not trim without creating a new video all together. It takes up a TON of storage and i had to buy a separate device just to use the app. When I save the videos to my phone, large portions of the video are blacked out but u can still hear the music playing. It's a necessity to have this app but it's very poorly done.

Terrible app all together. Had I known that it was this bad I never would have considered buying a GoPro. And the fact that there is no Windows support is absolutely insane. Let me walk you through my initial attempt to get a video off the gopro: First, the app split a 1 hour long video into 4 separate files for no reason. Then after selecting a clip I wanted to save to my phone it took about 10 minutes. BUT it saved to the APP! I had to wait another 5-6 minutes for it to be saved to the phone..

The video editing problems on the gopro quik app render the app useless. The studio editing function seems cool and would be if it worked, but it doesn't. I have lost days of time editing videos in the studio section, only to find that they won't load after saving. I then followed support instructions, which caused me to lose my edits entirely. There are fundamental problems with this app that need to be fixed, sadly.

Not android friendly. When you download any type of video in slow motion or ultra slow motion, once on playback on phone it will only play in regular speed. There is no option to edit or change speed. App crashes everytime I try to save a video or edit. Its getting ridiculous. I just bought this gopro11 for an up coming trip to Hawaii and bought the subscription thinking no way go pro could be bad! So far not impressed a d probably going to have to find another editing software.

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Auto video maker with music & exclusive filters. Video editing made simple. HERO12 Black is here!—Get incredible highlight videos of your adventures in 5.3K HDR video. After recording, just plug it in to charge. Your footage auto-uploads to the cloud and is used to make a highlight video that's sent to your phone.(1) Also features new timecode sync to make multi-camera editing a lot easier.

(1) Within your home Wi-Fi network. GoPro subscription required. GoPro subscription available in select territories. Cancel anytime. Visit for info and availability.

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