Goodcents is a popular sandwich chain known for its fresh, high-quality ingredients and delicious bread. Whether you’re craving a classic Italian sub, a satisfying turkey club, or a custom-made creation, Goodcents has you covered. With a commitment to providing quick service without compromising on taste, Goodcents is the go-to choice for busy professionals and families on the go. From their signature bread baked daily to their flavorful selection of meats and cheeses, every aspect of their menu is designed to delight the taste buds. Experience a slice of sandwich heaven at Goodcents today.

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
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Goodcents Reviews

Wow, never hated this app, but now they want you to migrate your old data over with the new app, and if you uncheck the box to receive promotional emails, they will not let you have an account. So as far as I can tell, to order from goodcents you have to agree to receive promotional emails. Maybe there's a guest mode, but I'm not going to work that hard to find out. Jimmy John's it is!

Already hate it. The new rewards program sucks, the old one was better. Can't order a kid's meal because the drink option isn't there, but yet you can't go any further without picking a drink even though there is nowhere to add a drink! If the restaurant is out of something then you basically get screwed or give your card info over the phone and trust they won't misuse it because they can't refund you back through the app. Awful, just awful.

The app is good, nice and simple. BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER THE APP IS ADEQUATE AND NEEDS NOTHING Else, but it would be nice if you could start a custom sub instead of having to choose one of the options and adjusting it to your liking. For example I get a BLT and there is no BLT option or custom option so I end up modifying the veggie one. It doesn't bother me much especially since the App saves your orders so it's easier the next time around, however it just makes sense to have a custom one.

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