Gold Train FRVR is an exciting and addictive game that will have you hooked from the moment you start playing. Step into the role of a gold miner and embark on a thrilling journey to collect as much gold as you can. Travel through various landscapes and overcome obstacles to reach your destination. With its stunning graphics and intuitive controls, Gold Train FRVR offers endless hours of fun. So hop on the gold train and experience the rush of becoming a gold mining tycoon!

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This is a fun challenging puzzle game as you try to fill in all the missing pieces of railroad track and the train travels from station to station (aka level to level). You try to utilize every piece for a 100% score and coin win as you create connecting track. If you create a connecting track without utilizing all the pieces, you still get credit for what you did, even though it would be less than 100%. Highly recommended for everyone!! Loads of fun and good exercise for your brain!!

This game is very repetitive. It does not seem to have an end game. Just a continual loop. Earn prize $, then buy largest vault to accumulate the most money. I used prize $ to purchase every single railcar offered. There is no where to go forward to a next level of challenge. It is fun, but that fun has a shelf live and it is short. I have played less than three weeks and am pretty well finished. Furthermore there is no instructions, and no real goals to speak of. It is hauntingly entertaining.

I love the game but I've completed everything, I've bought every piece for every train locomotive, I go 7 cars is as long as the train goes, so what do I do with all the extra coins I've built up and what do the points count for because I don't think they count for anything so why count them, give me so some feedback please.

Love this game as a challenging but not too difficult time-waster. BUT... for some curious reason, you have placed the 'next' (next track piece) almost over the whole of the green button used to cycle the tiles. It just gets in the way. Also, your instructions for this game leave much to be desired. It would have been helpful to understand the value of trains in picking up gold and laying track. A few more train and carriage designs wouldn't hurt either. All constructive.

Just got to level 8185 I plot the track and Everytime it just closes and goes black. I really enjoy the game and don't want to have to uninstall it.

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Connect the railroad parts, solve the rail puzzle and fill the wagons with gold!

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