Going Deeper! is an exciting simulator with elements of economic strategy in which you have to build and defend a colony with settlers from enemy raids. Your task is to extract valuable resources, thanks to which you will be able to expand the territory of the settlement and turn it into one of the most famous and popular colonies in the world. In order to survive and stand against the enemies attacking you, you need to carefully consider each step and optimize all processes as much as possible. Create combat units, train your army, distribute jobs, expand the territory, build new premises and buildings and get the necessary resources.

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bk0rMzFdyZ2 January 13, 2023 999
a4seiNdlUQ3x December 3, 2022 188
bGX4dl3eqO January 28, 2023 1000
v8Pqbw450WL January 11, 2023 249
yoYwDj3pgfu January 26, 2023 513

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Decent game. It's like Rimworld, just the medieval version. I like it, it's just that the game itself is awfully plain. The only problem I really have is the lack of monsters, npcs, and animals. Adding a few bears and rabbits, and maybe weird alien-like creatures like giant spiders might make this game better. The tutorial doesn't explain alot either, you you'll be learning some things on your own. Add some more creatures, and I'd probably give this game 5 stars.

This is for others who are attempting this game and have already (haven't gone deeper), the tutorial is short and does not explain a lot. 1. The pictures aren't the best representation of how to build your home. 2. The waves of enemy attacks don't have to be fought, after setting up food and a basic area, while building a foundation of a society start using a bit of wood or stone (whatever is in excess) for a wall to slowly claim territory. 3. (To the dev) make a more indepth manual/tutorial.

Ok concept but the negative aspects overshadow the positive. The tutorial is rather short and doesn't really explain the deeper aspects of the game. So essentially you're tossed into the game with no real understanding of how anything works, what is needed to proceed, or how to go about getting the necessary things to survive. I've died so many times just playing the 1st game on campaign. Add in the forced ads every minute and the $5 fee to remove them and it's an instant uninstall for me.

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- Purchased items no longer being placed under buildings making settlers looking for them stuck
- Traps were strengthen

Name Going Deeper! : Colony Sim
Version 0.4.5b
Price FREE
Rating 3.7 (5252 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 1, 2022
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