Goddess of Genesis S is an exciting mobile game that takes players on a breathtaking adventure through a mystical world. With stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and a captivating storyline, players will find themselves immersed in a fantasy realm filled with gods, heroes, and monsters. As the Goddess of Genesis, players must assemble a team of powerful heroes, strategize their battle formations, and unleash epic skills to conquer enemies. With regular updates, events, and guild battles, Goddess of Genesis S offers endless hours of strategic gaming fun for players of all skill levels.

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- Gold, Gems, Money, Diamonds, Rubies, Equipment, Resources: 5000, 100, 2000, 50, 100, Sword of Heavenly Justice, 200 Energy Crystals.

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- 10,000 gold, 50 gems, 1,000 money, 20 diamonds, 100 resources, 5 powerful equipment, 10 rare items.

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efdS4j2O809November 15, 2023
76z0CUpW3I989October 2, 2023
cvBetP2A4438November 16, 2023
MnzIUTFhX8x418October 15, 2023
YQaBw59Gcz646November 13, 2023

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Great characters and I like the overall design. The only problem is it’s basically, like the same games in this genre with a slightly different combat system. Same resource draining tricks. Same character elemental system, same style of gameplay. Nothing sets this apart from the competition. The game also doesn’t follow its own rules (fire beats grass, grass beats water, etc.). I understand that companies such as this need revenue but some of the prices are too much for digit goods (just like other games in this genre). Overall, it an OK game.

I left a pretty harsh review originally, and the key problems I brought up still stand. However there is still a lot of good in this game. The user interface is very convenient, blitzing stages and the progression system is very quick. Loading screens are fast. The graphics of in game action is spectacular, even if the cutscene animations are... not bad. But not good. The creativity and presentation is spectacular. Just figure something out with the genesis cards so we can have more players

Could be good! The graphics and the character animations are top notch! The UI is delightful! However, the story is whack, and it is only a game for paying customers. Generally, you want to develope a game that both type of players can enjoy and is generally awesome enough to entice FTP players to come out of their shell. The story drags me down as well as the lack of progression for FTP players. If your spending, and don't mind a goofy story then this is the game for you!

The art is good if you like a comedic style. Numerous English errors ("possability," spaces after ellipses, deceptive text changing between first and third person) detract from enjoying the game. Otherwise, same fare as all games in this genre, a story you can play through, random character summoning, unreasonably high prices for the transactions.

It's okay. A lot of the negative comments about paywall is true. Also, pretty abrupt stat checks around level 25. I was flying through the main story and suddenly enemy stats went way up. They REALLY want to you to pay. And unless you're willing to pay a lot, it's not worth it. I payed 30 and it was a waste IMO. Other companies do it better. I'd wait on it.

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Modern Mythical Anime Saga What's new:
- New Event:
1. Treasure of Asgard
During the event period, reach the specified recharge goals to receive huge rewards, including Genesis Tarot, SSR Gear, SSR Gems, an SSR Artifact Stone Pack, Limited-editon Portrait Frame, and more!
2. The Sixth Demon Queen
During the event period, challenge limited-time dungeons to earn points and obtain fantastic rewards, including Nobunaga 's Shards!

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