Introducing Go Fly for D.J.I Drone models! Elevate your aerial photography and videography with our cutting-edge flight control app. With intuitive controls and advanced features, Go Fly empowers drone enthusiasts to capture stunning footage with ease. Take advantage of smart flight modes, including ActiveTrack for effortlessly tracking subjects, QuickShot for dynamic aerial shots, and Hyperlapse for captivating time-lapse videos. Enhance your flying experience with real-time flight data, interactive tutorials, and in-app editing tools for seamless content creation. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, Go Fly is the ultimate companion for unleashing the full potential of your D.J.I drone.

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Go Fly for D.J.I Drone models

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Go Fly for D.J.I Drone models Reviews

This app is NOT recommended. DJI has its own app that you can download from their website. This applications free version interrupts you constantly, including while flying. It was getting so bad, that while I was recording a video it wouldn't let me hit the stop recording, because every time I did it popped up asking me to buy the full version. It also has barely any features, and is slow.

The app is a scam!! You need to download the official app off the DJI website. They asked for my credit card for enhanced features for my drone. Then, an escort service in the United States tried changing my card multiple times and now has compromised my card. I was traveling in Australia, and it left me stranded without a card. I wish Play store would remove this app before other people get scammed. Looking at the reviews now, I see that I'm not the only one.

Terrible app for the same reasons as the rest. Immediately it's a money making scheme, after spending $500 they are trying to force you to pay for a premium subscription just to operate their device. This has been so difficult to try to figure out which app I need to use that I almost want to just return the whole drone all together.

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