GLADIABOTS is an exhilarating AI combat arena game that challenges players to design and program their own squads of robots. Test your strategic skills by creating algorithms that dictate the robots’ movements and actions. With a wide range of customization options, you can tailor your robots to suit various battle scenarios. From capturing control points to eliminating enemies, GLADIABOTS offers intense battles that require quick thinking and flawless execution. Step into the arena and prove your AI mastery in this thrilling and addictive game.

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I tried to like this game, I really did. However, the tutorial left me with more questions than answers, as it seems to focus on how to connect pre-made snippets rather than design strategies. I couldn't get past the 3rd level even after going through the tutorial 4 times. The UI tends to be overly complex and finnicky, and I often had to fight with the UI to achieve what I wanted. The idea is solid, but the game needs an overhaul and an actually helpful tutorial focused on gameplay.

Gladiabots has, without a doubt, the best tutorial I've ever seen in any programming game or strategy game. It leaves room for you to make mistakes and learn from them in a very natural way rather than forcing you to click on the exact spot it wants like too many titles. And as a programmer, it has a very natural flow and intuitive UI that even someone who has never played before would be able to pick it up. If you like puzzles and strategy, you should definitely pick this up.

I love this game! I really enjoy programming debugging and fine tuning my robots. My least favorite feature is that it often tries to get you to log in or create an account, but that's easy to work around. I like that the rules are always the same for both players and you can't buy features or abilities to give you unfair advantage over other players - it's a pure, untainted strategy game. It's fun and engaging and educational (logic, algorithms, and programming) ++

It's a great game. Not really good for a person looking for an easy win. The game takes a bit of skill, and a lot of trying strategies to see what works. Gladiabots is rewarding, since it takes a bit of time before you can start progressing, which just makes the victories sweeter. Very intuitive design mechanics for the AI builder.

Very interesting and fresh competitive gameplay involving premeditated strategy rather than reflexes. Its essentially chess, if you had to plan all your moves in advance and watch it play out against your opponents plan. Also helps to learn computer programming logic, although NO WRITTEN CODING is done in this game. Its all drag and drop blocks of code that you can customize.

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Assemble and program your robot squad, then send them in the battle arena Fixed retro-compatibility

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