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How to redeem GIF Maker, GIF Editor codes?

To redeem coupon for GIF Maker, GIF Editor, enter the code at checkout on the website. Enjoy savings on creating and editing animated GIFs instantly.

GIF Maker, GIF Editor Coupon reviews

This app is great for simple projects, which is exactly what I use it for. For a free service, the number of ads is pretty decent, and the developers don't squeeze in an ad every 10 seconds like some apps do. Absolutely LOVE the fact you can watch ads to use premium features, any app that does that automatically gets at least 4☆ from me. There's also several different ways to make your GIFs, including image-by-imags, video to GIF, and more! TL;DR: Great app, effort put into it is clear.

This app has done everything I've ever asked for it quickly and easily. This has spoiled me because other editors I've tried don't have half the functions that I use every day with this app. The most important features to me are being able to make videos into gifs that I can edit. I can trim frames, change playback speed, and crop. I love that I can compress and resize the image because many platforms have size limits for uploads.

Simple and straight forward without loops. Video to gif? Options there. Wanna take just 3 seconds from a 5 minute video? Easy to navigate. Speed up or slow down for dramatic effect?? It'll do it for you easily. And there is so many other features I haven't tried yet. Currently just need video clips into easy to watch gifs. Making gifs with this app takes out the parts that make you dread having to do a task and makes you wanna make another gif immediately after completing your last one. Im happy

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