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Geeni Coupon reviews

There are so many other camera brands that offer similar services for less upfront & ongoing cost. The stored videos are not continuous, they are spliced together jumping from one part of an event to the next. You can see a person walking one second then disappear into thin air. There was no option to download the videos to my phone. I was not able to fast forward or rewind recordings and I also could not zoom in.

I like that I wasn't forced into an expensive subscription to view the cameras remotely but cloud storage is way more than I'll ever spend. I wish that the playback controls were more friendly. The playback slider is clunky and cumbersome. And you have to watch it in real time. 2x 3x etc. would be a very useful feature. For what I paid for, the image and reliability is quite good. This app could sure use some work.

This app demands permissions to absolutely everything on your phone and an email to simply install a remote switch and it won't work if you deny them access to anything. Like location and photos. Why do you need to know where I am or what I take pictures of for a glorified light switch?! All I want to do is turn on my open sign without climbing to the ceiling. This plug and app combo ain't it. In addition the 'doesn't work on 5ghz networks' is in two point font on the bottom of the box.

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