Internet Cafe Creator Idle is a captivating game that allows players to unleash their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, players get the opportunity to build and manage their very own internet cafe empire. From purchasing and upgrading computer equipment to attracting customers with captivating decor, every decision counts. As the business grows, players can unlock exciting new locations and expand their reach. With stunning graphics and a user-friendly interface, Internet Cafe Creator Idle delivers an immersive gaming experience that will keep players engaged for hours on end.

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Feels very unfinished. I've already gotten to the second room and upgraded the PC's as much as I can so i have nothing in the game left to do unless i wanted to watch ads for 3 years and unlock all of the parts from the wheel spins... i dont understand the point of your reputation as it doesnt seem to affect the amount of money made or the speed at which clients come... there is no where to customize the interior... cool game there just needs to be more added and maybe some tweaks as well

Edit: Update late July, having taken another look at the game after some time it's starting to take a bit more shape, smoother and more intuitive gameplay now, still lacking some of the raw content for level up play but it's coming along nicely. To that end I feel like the game has earnt the three stars now over a 3 stars for potential, still looking like a skeleton game waiting to be populated but you can start to see the content coming. Needs&wants; clear explanation of item ties to tables

This game is not the best but it's good. I don't have any problem on graphics. My only problem is every upgrade is really far from the first one. For example every upgrade on the manager is really high. It turns out that you really need watch your game club which is not good. Try to lower the price of the manager when upgrading it. And higher the price of the game. So that its will balance your upgrading system and the grinding on the game itself. It's just my opinion. But overall it's good.

The game is needed lot of improvements. Not all ingame functions operate properly. It is impossible to change the computer from ready on each desk. Only four desks are maximum. No any features to upgrade current computers or to change somthing in their configuration when they are assembled. No any upgrades to decorate the studio and there is no price Manager for the game time.

It has a potential if you made if more enjoyable. First it is not connected on the pc creator. Then the game itself has a very slow progress. At least you allow it to earn while offline. It will take ages if this thing still goes the same. Make it a thrilling game. There's no challenge. Or task or mission. The most challenging is waiting to have a money.

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