A picture gallery, also known as a “gallery,” is a space or a digital platform that exhibits visual art, photography, or other creative works. It serves as a vehicle for artists to showcase their creations to a wider audience, providing a platform for engagement and appreciation. Whether physical or virtual, galleries are essential in promoting culture and artistic expression, often hosting events and exhibitions. From classical paintings to contemporary digital art, a picture gallery offers a diverse array of visual stimuli, enriching lives and inspiring creativity in those who encounter it.

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Gallery – picture gallery Reviews

I'm enjoying the app, but for one thing. When I take a picture and it opens in Gallery, it has no option right there to delete, or scroll through the pictures I've just taken. I have to go out to re-enter the app. That's extra steps I don't want to take. I can share from that first open screen, but mostly I want to delete. Other than that, I like how I can personalize the theme, and it organizes photos well. Thank you!

This is a very good app. It allows you to organize and view your photos in alphabetical order. As well as other formats. Can't recommend. Because the ads have become progressively more obnoxious. It's one thing if you get an ad and you can click off of it within a few seconds. But these ads come frequently and last for several minutes. I had to forcefully stop the ad and turn off Wi-Fi in order to view my photos. Enough with these obnoxious tiktok ads. They don't stop. Won't allow you to view.

Used to like it but now the ADs are taking over. Whenever I try to browse my photos, a browser page will pop up (fake Amazon gift card type page) and it's complete spam. Before it used to be just small advertising inside the app which was fine. Now it's opening up my browser and making me vulnerable to security threats. I reached out to support but no response. UNINSTALL

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