Force Master Codes (2023 November) 1.7.9

Last update November 24, 2023

The Force Master is a fearless warrior with unparalleled mastery over elemental forces. With their immense magical powers, they harness the energy of fire and ice to devastate enemies on the battlefield. Their skills allow them to control the flow of battle, freezing foes in their tracks or engulfing them in raging flames. Masters of crowd control, they excel in both PvP and PvE situations. Whether unleashing fiery meteors or conjuring icy storms, the Force Master is a force to be reckoned with.

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xC1lgWmk502December 5, 2023
omHI9rEZb2119December 3, 2023
7pAFEwMhq284January 22, 2024
stNkrHu9lhT315November 28, 2023
jomBDutiz9472January 15, 2024

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It is a really great game, The grqphics aren't cheap and the game isn't pointless. The thing is, On some levels the pink people can walk through doors. So when I went through a door and got done with the ad, then it killed me. Please fix this. Also you should be able to turn your camera and a joystick so when you try to move you don't keep picking up stuff. Past that stuff Its great

What really annoys me is that you cant look around. Not only does it annoy me but it gets me killed multiple times because i cant see the bad guy. Over all its a pretty good game but its kinda laggy at times and during the middle of a level there is an ad. Please cut down on the ads and fix the lag. I also gave it 2 stars because not much effort is really put in this game. Its really hard to maneuver too. If you fix these problems there will be nothing but 5 stars from me

This game is actually pretty fun it has different levels and first person and the consept is pretty good but the ads are pretty annoying but if you just turn off you data and wifi there is no ads and makes it a lot more fun and I like the effects of the force and there should be a turning implemented because it is hard to hit enemy's at the sides so I would try it out but turn off you data and wifi so there is not as much ads. Have Fun!

The game has a great concept. It is just poorly executed. Movement and the use of the force is used by the touch screen. I found myself doing one when I wanted to the other. I would just swipe 2-3 times and all the enemies in the are would be defeated. After 5 minutes of playing it got boring and I deleted it. To improve it, add buttons to use the force and keep the movement with a touchscreen joystick. Change the colour of the gloves, enemy costumes, how the force works(push,pull) super ability

Good idea in theory, terrible controls, no sense of challenge, and only two worlds that loop through. I got bored an annoyed that ads would pop up randomly during game play. It was a complete waste of time and not even worth paying for the premium version. Didn't expect much though because it is VOODOO studios.

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