Soccer Run is an addictive sports game for true soccer fans in which you can demonstrate your excellent ball control and running skills. You are given a chance to become part of the team and lead it to victory. Start your journey to the top of your career with daily practice and skill improvement. Your efforts will not be in vain: soon you will be offered to play for one of the football clubs. As a striker, you must do your best to get the team into the big leagues, and you become the best player. Actively move around the field to take the right position, keep an eye on your opponents to dodge their attacks and avoid a collision. Catch the right moment, take possession of the ball and shoot at the goal. Score incredible goals and become the best football player!

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Tct5ZXD0CNP November 13, 2022 144
R0ISOxCXBVjH November 27, 2022 505
zxkuSn1jmy December 6, 2022 131
jqAwVOeLfvx November 24, 2022 181
uEFm4DfksYJ November 1, 2022 626

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Well , It's a funny game But , it needs much developpement like adding " Jumps " and deleting that final chapter of scorring because it's Soccer "Run" ... and improving grafics and add some difficulties ... that'd be awesome 👌

Nice app absolutely stunning graphic I have two suggestions for if you like it and I expect when you add them I am sure that your rating will be be improve so 1 add more grounds and 2 the runner sliding up with skills if you add them your app will be awesome by that way great app

It's more like subway surfer but ya i liked it because I am a football lover and here I get a chance to faint,run,and shoot.The reason I gave it 3 star because I want more skills in the game like jump,360roulete,ronaldo chop etc.then this game will be more awesome.

That game was wonderful,superb,great,and nice I enjoyed playing it the player was running and he keeped going to turn around the defenseve team.Note:The thing that maked me install it that it's not with NETWORK.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

A very cool game but as usual like other games the Ads make the game irritating !!!! Other wise a nice game . Tryworking out on those ads !!!👍

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- New content
- Fix critical bug

Name Soccer Run: Skilltwins Games
Version 2.0.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.2 (53692 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 14, 2022
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