Foodsby is a convenient solution for busy professionals looking for variety in their office lunches. With a diverse selection of local restaurants to choose from, Foodsby offers a seamless ordering and delivery experience. From hearty sandwiches to fresh salads and piping hot soups, there’s something to suit every taste. With reliable delivery and affordable prices, Foodsby provides a convenient and efficient way to satisfy your midday cravings without leaving the office. Discover the convenience of Foodsby and elevate your lunch game today.

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AVOID! The app is ok. Navigation is a bit clunky, especially if you want to use the "back" feature. The service itself is a neat idea, but their customer service is horrible. I used this for a long time and have recently cancelled my unlimited delivery services and have uninstalled the app because if anything goes wrong, they blame the restaurant and are not accountable. Good luck getting any issues resolved. If you are a business, avoid! Pick another service.

I love the concept of Foodsby. No crazy fees (like other delivery services) and it's pretty reliable. My biggest concern is with the app itself. When signing in, it displays your password in CLEAR TEXT on a pop up. That does not seem anywhere near secure nor does it give me confidence that my billing information is stored securely in their database.

I love this app because I hit the ground running as soon as I get to work. If I decide to order lunch, I need something that is quick and easy to use. Foodsby is both. I also love that when I order from a place I've used before, I have the option of just selecting an item I ordered in the past instead of having to go back through the menu and then customize the order all over again. Maybe in the future I'll be able to select from recent orders but then modify it for extras, like sides or drinks.

Convenient and the unlimited delivery for $10 is nice but delivery times aren't reliable (I have had deliveries late regularly including by over an hour multiple times) and it is basically impossible to order custom items because it only lets you choose one thing when there are options. And when I try to reorder it says there an issue and won't submit the order. I had a couple issues with the restaurants but the foodsby support team was quick to respond and were empathetic.

Being able to delete a credit card would be nice. I can't even see which card is which if I've changed my address but kept the number the same. Other than that's its been great and very useful. I've had very few issues worth mentioning and not the fault of the restaurant (wrong type of rice sort of stuff). Only one late delivery out of probably 30+ and you get notified if it'll be late.

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Foodsby is a contact-free meal delivery service for people at home and work. Fixes a bug that prevented use of coupons.

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