Flow Free: Hexes is a captivating puzzle game that will put your problem-solving skills to the test. The objective is simple: connect all the colored dots on the hex grid by drawing paths without crossing over each other. With over 1,000 levels ranging from easy to challenging, this game ensures endless hours of mind-bending entertainment. The colorful hexagon design adds a unique twist to the classic flow game, making it even more addictive. Download Flow Free: Hexes now and experience the joy of solving these mesmerizing puzzles!

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- 100 gold, 2 rubies, 3 diamonds, 5 gems, 1 equipment, 50 resources, 20 items, $5000, 4 diamonds, 10 equipment.

Code is hidden Get

- 10 gold, 5 gems, 1000 money, 3 diamonds, 50 resources, 2 equipment, 10 items.

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rCVg8EkK632October 27, 2023
grGzEpKkPV177October 27, 2023
BwgXrQz2M609October 12, 2023
RXwizJ6H9vY115November 3, 2023
87clbuROIy385November 10, 2023

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Flow Free: Hexes Tier List

Decent game, although a bit too easy once you get the hang of it. Got through a whole pack of "Extreme" levels while waiting at the doctor... Chill way to kill time though. Also, the hint button is super easy to tap with my palm. I don't use hints, so don't care much about having lost mine, but the buy more popup is SUPER annoying. -1* for having to see this popup after already paying to remove ads.

The game is pretty straight forward but fun. However, the ads are extremely predatory. Leaving this review after tapping skip twice and then tapping an x which opened up the app store...on 3 ads in a row. Might be a way to get around it if you turn off data usage for the app and only play when disconnected from wifi, but is annoying to figure out and doesn't always work.

Decent game play, but there's one of those ads for a generic game in between Every. Single. Level. Also note that it's the kind that if you touch the screen at all (including to close the ad), it will open a link to the play store to download said awful game (that is also no doubt nothing more than adware like this. It does give you the option to pay to remove ads, which is good compared to some that don't allow it at all, but the ads are excessive.

I am upgrading my review as it seemed really outdated & I don't even remember writing it. I don't ever see ANY ads in this game. I have been playing since practically day one and with the clever puzzles it will probably go on for a very long time. I only wish ypu had a way to keep track of a players progress. I've played this through with a perfect score twice and lost my progress each time I upgraded my phone. It just happened again & I lost my connection of over 777+ consecutive days of play!

I've had this game for a very long time, and I think I must've paid to get rid of ads, I don't remember...anyway, I've finished every level, gotten all the achievements and do still play the daily and weekly packs. I'd like it if some new packs and achievements came out though. Daily and weekly go too fast. Great game though.

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Hexes! The next evolution of Flow Free®! New Packs!

- New free Pockets Pack and Jumbo Spin Pack
- Various minor fixes and improvements.


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