FLICK SOLITAIRE offers a refreshing twist to the classic card game. With its unique gameplay, players must flick the cards to sort them into the four foundation piles. Challenge yourself to complete each suit, starting from Ace to King. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master, providing endless hours of fun. Whether you’re a seasoned solitaire player or a beginner, FLICK SOLITAIRE is a great way to test your skills and enjoy the timeless charm of card games. Download it now and start flicking those cards!

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I really enjoyed what i have played of the game. Pros. The tutorial is great, the cards have awesome art work, it is easy to pick up and play. Cons: It is a puzzle base game, meaning every lever has a specific way to beat it, its not for me. Also forced ads after almoat every game you play unless you pay to be part of the "Flick Club" starting at 3.99 a month payment.

Absolutely worth the download! I love solitaire and this has got to be the best mobile rendition I have found. The option to buy or collect cards is unique and preferable. Naturally, the artwork is pleasing to the eye and makes playing much more worth my virtual time. I can't wait to see what other designs come out! That being said, I am an artist and would love to create something to submit! You can have my stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

pretty decent card game! ads aren't that bad and I'm cool with supporting the team because they seem like kind people. There's many different modes for you to play at once too, which I like! Unfortunately I'm getting a bug for Spider where every card is flipped and I can't interact with anything? I can't even restart the game. This happened after I tried to go for the daily double today so i couldnt even get the rewards :( I hope this bug gets fixed soon

One of the best games on the Google play store. Its literally the best version of solitaire I've ever played. It just sucks that I get an ad before every game. I don't mind ads, I know they need to be there. But they don't need to be that frequent. Devs reached out and told me that shouldn't be happening. But I've tried everything and it doesn't change. If the ads at least defaulted to not play audio that'd help a lot.

Editing after reply. The ads aren't really so bad, I had gotten stuck and had seen a lot of ads back to back because of that. I had no idea the cards went shiny with duplicates. Solid card game variety! But completing new decks takes SO LONG! I've had 2-3 decks max out at 36 cards collected. And taking so long to complete decks makes trying to collect them feel like a waste of time, when I could just buy them with coins. I still play, but definitely wish collecting was more fluid.



Collect beautiful card art. Learn to love solitaire. Solitaire re-imagined.
► "Featured Artist" decks are now half price to unlock/collect.
► General fixes and improvements.

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