Five Nights at Nightmare’s is a thrilling horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As a security guard, you are tasked with surviving five nights in a haunted house plagued by terrifying animatronics. With limited resources and a dwindling power supply, your goal is to make it through the night without being caught by the eerie characters lurking in the shadows. Can you survive the nightmare? Prepare yourself for jumpscares, suspenseful gameplay, and a chilling atmosphere in Five Nights at Nightmare’s.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 3 diamonds, 1 equipment, 1000 money, 50 resources, 2 items, 20 gold, 5 equipment.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, $100, 2 diamonds, 50 resources, a powerful sword, healing potion, rare artifact.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
Zd98uoVE447November 11, 2023
FEJUILqOWf327October 7, 2023
rmGFu0X97188October 8, 2023
xy1Lrmz8DUF836October 23, 2023
gnivaRsc10573October 30, 2023

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Five Nights at Nightmare’s Tier List

Definitely one of the best FNAF fangames on mobile. 4 stars because I have 2 problems: 1. Power runs too slow. If you could update it so power runs out just a bit faster, it would be great. 2. The "animatronics" leave the door instantly once you close it. Maybe make them leave after a few seconds of the door being closed. Both of these make the game very easy, especially the 4/20 mode.

Pretty good game! One problem though, I think the maps a little too small. In the original FNAF it has a bigger map with more cameras so that if you lost an animatronic you would have to search for it on the cameras, that was one of my favorite parts about FNAF. I do get that you might want this to be a short and small game though. You should really consider making a second game! With a bigger map, and more characters. Really good game!

This game Is Awesome! I love the simplicity of this game The Gameplay is scary Because you don't know if they're in the doors /attacking places I died like five times and then I completed night 5 game pretty cool I'd like a part 2 with more characters like bacon or slender and Roblox Like That would be awesome! take Your Time make what you want and be creative but the camera is hard to watch so please fix that

5 stars because it's the best fan make FNAF game eve it's very fun and scary kinda but very cool. There is one problem though... The animatronics take forever to move, but all though very cool game! LOVE IT!

I reviewed this game and the other on their first night at it is really good the scary thing is here is that you don't know which animatronic is with or without you using the cameras and the ventilation was good getting FNAF 3 camera systems but without radar and audio was really good to make the player more vunurable and FNAF 2 office and with the darkness and the flash with the minigame with Funtime Freddy in sister location like he added that so you don't know in the first night who is coming

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Just a FNAF fanmade Fixed power was draining too fast while using the camera. The game is somewhat easier.

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