Fishdom – try sorting out shells, pearls, and other objects, which are quite numerous in the underwater world. The primary task is to make elements 3 in 1 row, combining identical parts with each other.

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Codes Expiration Date Total
xWYcIOZp9JG December 7, 2022 343
1LuGrceCOdHU January 21, 2023 223
oxjvHDR5zn December 30, 2022 591
TSR21j4acWd January 19, 2023 490
TlX3NPVOYD7 January 13, 2023 903

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Edited because recent updates have diminished the enjoyment of this game. I miss the month-long challenges that had multiple ways to gain points. Now it's just beating levels and the rewards are not as good. Disappointing. I don't know why they highlight the "minigames" so much in advertising. They are a very tiny part of the overall game and the least entertaining, IMO. But I love the main game and the cute fish and challenges that often align with the seasons or holidays.

I've absolutely had it with this game. Sick & tired of getting to play 1 or 2 levels before coming to a level that you cannot beat without using multiple special items. Taking days to beat a level. There are levels that you have hardly any moves to complete a ridiculous amount of tasks. Plus, they ruined the gold pass with the recent change 👎

Last few updates has nerfed my progress. Played for years and about to uninstall it. The game is totally random and weight on is added to randomness to get what you need in the moment. The more you play the more likely you get that thing you need. However, same level now for a week and progress came to a screeching halt which has never been the case in 7100 levels. They want you to buy the power ups, but I refuse.

List of Fishdom VIP Codes November 26

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Fishdom Tier List

Dive into a fa-boo-lously exciting Fishdom update!
- Have fun at the Festival of Horror together with a mysterious moray!
-New event: Expedition! Help Hermann the crab find the treasure of the Coral Reef!
- Create a truly cozy atmosphere for Thanksgiving with the Thérier family at their Lake House!
New aquarium: Hot Spring
New fish: Empire Gudgeon and Geophagus
We hope you enjoy the new update!
Happy matching!

Name Fishdom
Version 6.83.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (5711142 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 26, 2022
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