First Strike is a dynamic multiplayer strategy in which you have to choose a side in a global nuclear conflict. It can be either one of the superpowers, or a small country that has gained access to atomic weapons. Your task is to lead your country to victory. The development of events will depend on the decisions you make. You can choose to develop science, technology and industry, or pursue an aggressive policy of expanding your territories by capturing neighboring lands. The game pleases with a realistic model of the modern world, excellent graphics, pleasant music and addictive gameplay.

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eQ6PKJg2XUNovember 15, 2022807
CP9a1bylie2November 7, 2022193
g6qypkdFGfvNovember 6, 2022484

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Love the game. Just having problems purchasing other Nations. It says payment processing but it keeps spinning that it is pending. Can't buy anything I want. I don't want to pay for the nuclear club. I just want to purchase the individual nations. I think I've noticed certain nations sell for different prices randomly or as specials. I swore USA was just $ it's over $7, however Russia is selling for $2.99 right now. Unfortunately, I'm having problems with a continuous payment process.

Used to be a great game, came back to check it out again. Needless to say, it's disappointing how hard a turn this game took. Went from a 5 star game to a 1 star game. Veterans don't get to keep any progress they made before the reboot, meaning any and all unlocked countries+superpowers are gone and locked behind a paywall. One can either pay a monthly subscription for everything or pay multiple times for superpowers. I get monetization is needed, but maybe just make the game a pay to download.

The game decent but still needs work, you shouldn't have to pay for nations by themselves but rather buy them in packs, and being able to play only one gamemode without paying for another gets old after a while. I have some ideas for things you can do but these are just ideas: You can win by making peace with all nations, you have research points at the start of a game that you can invest into anything and you can make private games locked with passwords. Thanks for not bombing us with ads.

Update: Lowered my rating to two stars because there's no way to restore purchases between devices. Same Google play account on both my chromebook and phone. I will not continue my subscription until this is fixed. Update 2: Lowered rating to one star because multiplayer never loads in sync. The loading screen hangs and never starts the game. The only way to play is to exit the app and restart, which puts you behind all the other players. A game with 10 players to start and 8 quit due to lag.

Honestly. I understand you make money to update off the game, but I mean I haven't played much, but from what I see. All the good countries and powerful ones and special ones. Etc, all require money. Don't get me wrong it's nothing expensive what so ever, but the 4 you start with. I wish you could get maybe 2 more. But that's just me...maybe unlock them for doing the objectives on the other 4. Other then that! Great. Game. Very strategic in it's manner of lightning strike styled planning.Love it

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Defcon 1: Mutually Assure Destruction
Welcome to Defcon 1. A fan-released update. And with it, a new Superpower revealed: Welcome Final Atomic Union!

- Final Atomic Union as a superpower
- New hidden base: The FAU base "Aschermittwoch"
- New superweapon: The SSBN nuclear submarine
- New subscriber ability: Add bots to multiplayer matches
- New multiplayer function: Chat system
- Various bugfixes polishing adjustments

NameFirst Strike
Rating3.6 (62624 ratings)
Update3 October, 2022
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