First Refuge: Z is an amazing strategy game set during the zombie apocalypse. A deadly virus has put humanity on the brink of extinction. Millions of people have turned into bloodthirsty monsters, the old world has collapsed, and powerful corporations and gangs have seized power. The few survivors have banded together and are fighting an uphill struggle for existence. Take control of one of the settlements, build a well-fortified underground shelter and defend it from attacks by zombies, bandits and other players.

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trdRJ6fF1QK November 28, 2022 655
atjYWwdP4msy November 19, 2022 427
IQ2eyiWEB1 October 23, 2022 812
hM4Cn6L0Jr1 November 6, 2022 169
Hs2lcoFzEQ3 December 1, 2022 834

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Loved this game until the last few weeks, when it started crashing with increasing frequency. I'm not sure if it's related to a bad update or adding events too quickly (I'm in state 51 and we just started expansion). It now no longer opens, even after I cleared the cache and game data. Would love to change my rating, but I need to get a solution from the devs first (I've been sending daily tickets)

Too many paywalls. Edit: After playing for quite a bit of time I found I enjoyed the game, but it was expensive to be sure. The only issue now is lack of variation in the game. Too much repetition really makes the game boring after being active for so long. Overall the real positive in this game is interaction with so many people around the world. If you're in a good active alliance it can be very entertaining. But alas I feel the game is getting close to shutting down.

Rather nice concept. Incorporates features from several other games. Bunker game plus towers plus city v city battles and PVE. Nice balance between the different activities. That being said, I'm uninstalling it. Its a time dump kind of game. You could spend all day on it constantly upgrading things and fast forwarding through automated battles. Not what I'm looking for in a game. It isn't that good to become the only game I play. But if you have no life this is all right.

Game could be cool to play, if it was capable of being played. Game crashes after a couple minutes, can't close windows or open messages or upgrade sections. Can't open a support case because the game crashes on pressing anything on the screen. Can't wait to see how long it will take to get contacted w a working solution.

While I thought this game had promise, I hit a point where the game became unplayable. The game got stuck in a never ending loop during the first zombie attack of the game. The screen would flash back and forth between the people outside the gate and the attacking zombies. Trying to tap the skip button did absolutely nothing. I have closed the app to restart. I have uninstalled then reinstalled the app to only be stuck in the same place. What a waste of time to not even be able to play.

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Patch Notes 1.36
1. Added Supply Depot event.
2. You can auto-translate the system mail now.
3. Optimized the world map to deliver a smoother gaming experience.

Name First Refuge: Z
Version 1.38.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.1 (23764 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 14, 2022
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