Spot the Difference is an entertaining puzzle game for those who are ready to develop observation, attentiveness and concentration. Look at the pictures and find the differences between them. More than 750 exciting levels and colorful images in high quality are available to you. You can enlarge the pictures to take a closer look at small details. Found differences are automatically saved.

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kemKciBrtQq February 2, 2023 685
m9D3BXw2jtNs February 22, 2023 212
wQFG4xa5ZN February 4, 2023 568
zkd47sFyoBU February 9, 2023 493
Tw8mjx0gvIA February 2, 2023 397

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I really love this game because ot has no timer on any level, there not any puzzles to solve before you canmove on to the next level. I loved it before and I hope the fixes make it even better. Please come and try it you can play anywhere, and no inside anything to buy to have a advantage. I hate having to go thru a story to be able to find the objects. The only thing I was really upset with was when I wanted to quit, there was no clear quit button to use.

I like the game. It doesn't have a lot of the annoying issues that other games have (ads after every single move, times when it's wonky, etc). It works well except it would be good if it were slightly less sensitive. I constantly lose part of my heart because it counts it a wrong choice when I'm just scrolling in the enlarged view. Sometimes accidentally find a "difference" the same way. I try to keep my finger on the screen while scrolling but it still gets misinterpreted by the game frequently

I like this game so much more than some of the other apps that are similar. At least you have a fighting chance with this one because there are hints in the event you get stuck. This has attactive, easy to see graphics not photographs of buildings with a million objects to hunt for. This app wins hand down for me. It's entertaining, not frustrating!

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Find the differences between two pictures while improving your observation! We improve the game constantly.
Any issues please write to [email protected]

Name Find the differences 750 +
Version 7.60
Price FREE
Rating 4.7 (195837 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 29, 2023
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