“Final 5: Survival” is an intense reality show where contestants are pushed to their limits in extreme survival challenges. From navigating treacherous terrain to foraging for food, the competition is fierce as the final five contestants battle it out for the ultimate prize. Each episode is packed with high-stakes drama, as alliances are formed and broken, and unexpected twists keep everyone on the edge of their seats. With only a limited number of contestants left, the tension is palpable as they fight to prove their resilience and resourcefulness. “Final 5: Survival” is a gripping display of human determination and endurance.

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- Congratulations! You've won 100 gold, 50 gems, and a rare weapon!

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- Congratulations! You've earned 100 coins, 3 health packs, 50 ammo, and a rare weapon!

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Final 5: Survival!

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CODEExpiration Date
4R3VCW59March 14, 2024
7HQ2ODW3UVFebruary 28, 2024
DXSAZN9PGMarch 8, 2024
AP4GQ67BLT0February 20, 2024
WXZCJ8F1NYApril 3, 2024
FVWECIHGMarch 26, 2024
7QEK6P1F34February 24, 2024
UXT8HVWS2March 11, 2024

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Final 5: Survival! Review

I actually think beyond the fact that it gets laggy when the screen gets overloaded with enemies, it's a great game. I don't mind that either because it usually means I'm just not ready for that map (which is why i dont watch the ad to revive or spend gems). You don't have to worry about guilds, it's single player. You can get free stuff every day by just watching some ads. It doesn't bombard you with ads during any gameplay unless you choose to use it for a revive. 3.6 is too low in my opinion.

I don't really understand the low rating on this game. First of all I love the cartoony graphics, second the characters look amazing. I admit that the game needs more improvements, add more skills, enemy varieties, more bosses and maybe game modes. So far I'm enjoying it. Please don't give up on this game since I see some potential in it.

Game too laggy during gameplay especially when there is too much going on the screen. The moment the screen filled with a lot of enemy the game performance go down so drastic. Also during the big boss of each stage, it would be nice if you only fight with the boss cause when other enemy show up again the game performance were so bad plus finishing the stage would be easy.

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