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Last update November 25, 2023

Feist is a Canadian indie pop singer-songwriter known for her unique blend of folk, rock, and electronic influences. With her soulful vocals and introspective lyrics, Feist has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Her breakout album, “The Reminder,” featured the hit single “1234,” which propelled her into mainstream success and earned her multiple Grammy nominations. Feist’s music is often characterized by its intimate and introspective nature, creating a heartfelt connection with her listeners. She continues to evolve and experiment with her sound, cementing her place as a respected and influential artist in the music industry.

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HT2u6zQi246December 29, 2023
v5i4q71Uym416December 14, 2023
xnjUBYa3b187January 4, 2024
wJjWeVzmvH8524December 9, 2023
yvgLK2jOXf349November 29, 2023

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this game seems really good but there's three main problems: 1. the jump buttons hitbox is way too small, 2. there's an unskippable cutscene at the start that literally doesnt have any purpose so why in the love of God is it there, 3. whenever I get to the part where you have to jump from a stump to a ledge it lags a lot and then crashes no matter what I do, 1.5 stars

I have a phone that has 8 Gb Ram & gaming centric CPU. I play CoD mobile daily on high graphic settings for hours on it & it runs smooth. But this small game was able to hang my phone to the extent I had to reboot it every time I started playing this for over 3 minutes. There is something definitely wrong with this app. However, loved the visuals.

take the hint developers please. everybody is saying how much they do like the game it really is an awesome game I would pay for it but I cant stand that it keeps crashing all the time if you guys put your mind to it and got that fixed you would be on to something. obv you put alot of time into it to get it to this point the art and game play is on point..all anybody is asking is for it to work the way its supposed to. fix the crashing problem its driving everybody crazy and ill change my review

Hi, I'm playing this game right now, and I love it. The graphics are beautiful, The animation is controllable and very nice, and the game itself is very good, but what the problem is, is that every time I play the game it freezes and then it takes me back to my screen. Can you fix that?

It's a great game visually, audibly, and graphically. However, after a few minutes into the gane it always manages to crash. If you could fix the crashes it could be hands down one of the best games I've ever played.

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A savage survival experience full of stunning visuals and dynamic creatures. - Fixed a crash on launch
- Fixed saving of game state
- Fixed restoring purchases in some situations

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