“Feed Me Cyprus” is an initiative dedicated to promoting the diverse and delicious culinary traditions of Cyprus. From traditional Cypriot mezes to modern fusion cuisine, it aims to showcase the rich flavors and unique ingredients of the island. Through food tours, cooking classes, and events, “Feed Me Cyprus” offers an immersive experience for locals and tourists alike, allowing them to explore the vibrant food scene that Cyprus has to offer. Whether it’s exploring traditional tavernas or discovering innovative new restaurants, “Feed Me Cyprus” is a must for anyone who wants to truly savor the flavors of this beautiful Mediterranean island.

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- 1. 50% off restaurant bill, Free dessert, Complimentary glass of wine, Discount on next visit

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- 1. Free dessert 2. 20% off main course 3. Buy one get one free drink

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Feed Me Cyprus

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6WBK2RPJ4March 23, 2024
O0TBRJK2LHGFebruary 27, 2024
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7M2NDC13ZMarch 9, 2024

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Feed Me Cyprus Reviews

I only speak English, I'm from California and I'm new to TRNC and it's so hard for me to order food or get food when I don't have a car or speak Turkish. This app has been amazing for me . Easy to order, everything is translated already in English for me. I don't have to go back and forth on Google translate to see what words on a menu mean. Service is fast and any issues Customer service messages me right away with a answer. Thanks.

Great help desk availability and wide range of choices in Nicosia. Currently, it is the only app that works with no problem in the northern part of Cyprus (Aug 22). A startup with an impressive vision, promising to achieve many more in the future. Next steps are introducing online payment system and improving the visuals. For the first time users, it is complicated to find out where to discover menus and order.

I use Samsung S20 and the app is Slow as. . . . . 🐌 when I scroll, it takes 2mins to move a frame, and before I get to the menu and order, I have already lost my appetite. Whatever bug this is, it needs to be fixed, I made a complaint a month ago, and nothing has been done. It's been more than 3months now, app slow 🐌, 👎, not fixed. Why?

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