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Last update November 24, 2023

Farm Punks is an addictive farming game where you can grow and sell a variety of fruits on your very own farm. From apples and pumpkins to watermelons and pineapples, you have the freedom to cultivate your dream orchard. But it doesn’t end there – you can also explode them with a catapult to earn more coins! With stunning graphics and quirky characters, this game is a delightful blend of farming and fun. So put on your farmer’s hat and get ready to punk your way to success in Farm Punks!

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aVQf8vYl104January 14, 2024
DgGVA0S1ef126November 27, 2023
tyNBY9AIQ955December 13, 2023
WVuSwa9lrtg143December 20, 2023
YQxXS1mH5B530December 23, 2023

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Farm Punks Tier List

Very fun! It's rather addicting but you spend half the time in ad screens. I love the "throw something down a hill and buy upgrades to do better" type of games. The issue that I can't pay a little to remove ads and getting an ad at the end of every or every other run, despite not clicking the "Get double if you watch an ad" button, is overly frustrating. This would be 5 stars and a re-download if it was added.

I desperately want to love this game and feel it take over my life, due to it's dripping charm and love. But regrettably, it is plagued by some horrendous lag issues and glitches, including one where the screen goes black after you complete a run, forcing you to close and reopen after every run. Otherwise it's great, with a solid gameplay loop that contains surprising complexity and depth, as well as fair monetization, so I'd eagerly change to 5 stars if they ironed out the bugs.

I love the game's graphics! The 3D mountain with 2D style is so charming. It's pretty challenging and it's a joy collecting all the fruits I can! Though one current critique is that the lag is really bad. Even if you just go a little faster, the thing gives issues and can cost you your run. All that I want is for that to be fixed. But aside from that, good game.

This game is so fricken adorable. The puns are halarious and models are so cute. The controls are fairly easy to control and the gameplay is solid. Though, I will have to say that more areas should be added as I've only encountered two so far (could be I havent gotten far enough). In addition, the polish is not exactly perfect. Sometimes there are audio glitches, a few tapping issues, and problems with the mounts. However, it's still a well made game.

Everything is pretty damn good so far. I have only been playing a little while but there are no obnoxious ads every run like every other game on the play store and the graphics are cute, the controls feel good, only complaint is I wish there was more of a tutorial on how to play more optimally, it teaches you the basic concept but nothing more. Everything else is great though, its fun, slightly addicting and pretty fast if you dont have much time to play.

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Launch Funny Fruit With a Cannon Down a Mountain Minor improvements and bug fixes.

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