Farm Town – Family Farming Day is a fun-filled event centered around the joys of family farming. This community event brings together farmers, families, and agriculture enthusiasts for a day of learning, entertainment, and celebration of rural life. Attendees can enjoy tractor rides, petting zoos, and interactive workshops on various aspects of farming. There are also local food vendors serving delicious farm-to-table meals made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Farm Town – Family Farming Day is a wonderful way to connect with nature, support local farmers, and create lasting memories for the whole family.

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Nothing new here in terms of a farming / Farmville type game. In fact it does everything wrong! The graphics are terrible. Every building takes too long to make something (20-60 minutes) after 10 minutes of play!? And it unlocks content too quickly - I shouldn't get mulitple new buildings every level. It's too much to learn and inventory to manage. The only thing it does well was let me watch ads to unlock pieces for silo upgrade. That's the only difference I see from other games in genre.

I like the overall game play, except that everything takes forever. It doesn't matter what you're making it takes way too long for the coins you're going to earn. There's no way to advance in a fun or challenging way when it's built for pay-to-win. Plus it will randomly start an ad without you doing anything and only pay you a single diamond as a ty. The ads are violent and often those state of survival ads. A complete 180 from the type of game this is. It's icky. Uninstalled.

The game itself was very enjoyable. I became addicted immediately after downloading this game. I was even willing to subscribe. But there were several issues that made the game eventually unplayable. 1) I would get quests for things I had no idea what they were and the game wouldn't tell me. 2) trying to unlock the mine froze my game every single time. And it ran smoothly before this. 3) it would be better to either have unlimited storage, or tasks that ask for the things I have.

It's okay, I like this game a lot because of the graphics and simple play through, but I keep having to sell things I need in order to keep the storage from overflowing. I have tried several times to unlock the mine but it keeps on freezing which is very annoying since I need those resources for quest completion. I see here that many others are having the same issues and this game hasn't been updated since August. Please do something

Great graphics and fun game for awhile. It freezes up every time I try to unlock the mine, so I can't really advance or enjoy certain aspects. I may try later to see if the kinks are worked out. I do appreciate being able to watch a quick ad to speed certain processes along.

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Grow hay on farm near township, evolve farm to cartoon village. Relax farming! - MERGE cafe now in town!
- Nice new interfaces;
- Visual upgrades;
- Brand new characters and story lines;
- Known issues fixed;
- Performance and stability improved;

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