Farlight 84 is a colorful action game with elements of a royal battle, the events of which take place in the future, in a post-apocalyptic world where only the strongest survive. Choose a character and go to the arena, where you will face 40 players armed to the teeth. At your disposal is the technology of the future: jetpacks, with which you can fly over short distances, combat vehicles and a huge arsenal of modifiable weapons. Use tactical skills to outsmart the enemy and be the only survivor, upgrade vehicles and equipment, build resting places where you can relax between battles. You will find yourself in the near future, where the Earth has turned into a planet covered with deserts, most of the population has become zombie cyborgs, and the survivors are forced to live in a few island cities. The tournament of hunters became the most spectacular and dangerous entertainment. Its participants are launched into the heart of a vast wasteland, where they fight deadly battles with each other until only one of them remains alive. Join the battle royale and try to win. You have access to the most modern weapons and amazing cars.

Active Farlight 84 VIP Codes

03vct9xxxxx Get

- Gold x8439K, Gems x213, Coins x94863

M8GEmbxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x469, Money x26387, Resources x8671K

Farlight 84 Codes

List of Farlight 84 Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
HjPn0UNWtJ2April 30, 2023905
f8jvGUr6tzZ3March 26, 2023640
VZEO8AiWrlApril 24, 2023622
J4pEoHIz0CqMarch 28, 2023531
wTZCb58dm9zMarch 29, 2023308

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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This game has a lot of potential.The graphics are good, the gameplay is good.However there are some things you need to add and fix some issues. Like there's a bug where you keep hearing gunshots and voices even when you're selecting your heroes.And you need to add more controls and options to your settings like tap and hold options for scope. This game is good for beta release but i hope they'll add more options and optimizations for the official release.

It's good but the developer team should really fix the download issue every single time whenever I complete the download of the maps and the hd resources which I don't need , the next day everything I downloaded is not downloaded anymore Fix it pls This game deserves 4 stars if you fix it The touch screen is another problem it doesn't always work every switch or button Or smthing needs very precise clicks , sometimes it doesn't even respond

a very fun game, but bro, there is a bug and it suddenly frames and lags when playing, and the graphics are only low to medium, it doesn't work on medium and so for the reason it doesn't support even though the device I use can be used on medium,and there's no mode solo rank or no change to solo mode.

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Hero-Shooter Battle Royale! [WHAT'S NEW]
- All new Battle Pass [Core of Vigor] is online! With limited-time UR Skin Sunil [Vigor Frenzy] and SSR Weapon Stellar Wind [Beam Storm]!
- New Gameplay: 4 brand new heroes have made their debuts! Sunil, Yong, Ducksyde and Ceanna are all waiting for you in Isle City!
- New winter limited-time event: sign-in for the specified number of days to get the limited-time winter Skin Momonoi [First Snowfall]!

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