Fallout Shelter Online is a continuation of the most popular futuristic strategy about the survival of people after a nuclear catastrophe. You will act as a warden in one of the many underground shelters located in the radioactive wasteland. Your task is to monitor the smooth operation of all systems and the health of residents. Upgrade your base, hire legendary heroes and take part in online battles in the wasteland.

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Not as strategic as the original Fallout Shelter. Really only playable for the character collection and factions. Team building has a bit of nuance to it but the base building is extremely toned down. The only thing I think about resource management is whether I have enough resources and materials for upgrading as there is no room and dweller consumption to consider. It basically plays like a Fallout Shelter clone that popped up during its prime, except this is officially licensed by Bethesda.

After the Update: 1. 10 mins after playing it lags like crazy unlike before where it had no lags whatsoever 2. Servers are renewed and old data servers are lost which means people who spent money on this game has wasted their money and time, HOWEVER they gave compensation to thos who played the old version and are logging into the new one but mine never came up until now and im furious 3. The story and the quest and the rewards have been slightly changed and tweaked. Overall 2/5

I like the new version with all of these new characters and all but did you really have to make it abit unfair for f2p players and removing the pre war money to vault tokens. And even the events for the past few months doesn't do much justice these days, which is why it makes it harder to make further progress in the endgame.

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Embark on an adventure alongside with familiar faces from the Fallout series! Fix Android 12 compatibility issues.

Name Fallout Shelter Online
Version 4.7.2
Price FREE
Rating 4.0 (56591 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 31, 2023
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