Extreme Landings is a thrilling flight simulator game that puts you in the cockpit of various aircraft. With realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, you’ll experience the adrenaline rush of landing in challenging scenarios. Test your piloting skills as you navigate through turbulent weather, engine failures, and emergency situations. Choose from a wide range of aircraft, from small propeller planes to massive commercial jets. With multiple game modes, including career and free flight, Extreme Landings offers endless hours of excitement for aviation enthusiasts. Can you handle the pressure and become the ultimate pilot?

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This game is a great game to pass time and the challenges can be fun too. Of course there should be some changes too. The main change is allowing at least another 1 or two aircraft be free for the public but allow these planes to be unlocked through hard challenges that can be beat and doesn't cost money. I payed about $20 on the game and it was worth the price for all of what I got. This game does need new challenges though as the ones you get seem repeating the same objective with no changes.

Best Simulator in Play Store. But, has some problems that makes finishing some Scenario impossible. One scenario asks you to fly through green rectangles for accuracy points, but there are no green rectangles to fly through anywhere on the display, and they never appear. I also don't see the barrels that are to indicate where to land. I have to guess and make adjustment from previous attempts to pass this one. Good graphics and detail, but many problems still make it bad value for purchase yet

The game is fun and all but everything that makes the game playable is hiden under a wall of price tags! It's insane. I've seen better simulator games that don't cost any money to get the most basic stuff! I do not recommend this game. As soon as all the challenges are done, that's it.

This game was a good but I don't buy a plane free. This game is 3D this game was a very exciting and it was good auspicious time to land emergency landing you will see there are many level like wind storm gear trouble and the most problem was level 3 in there was a very difficult level.

Okaaay (not the greatest), when I started I tried to do "land now" but I had to complete 3 missions but before I did, I messed around with it and I chose the airport i wanted and when I completed the 3 missions I could not choose my airport which made me sad. Also its kinda a good game, but I do think it COULD be better.

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Take full control and handle the most critical flight conditions known to man. Bug fixes

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