Lead legendary heroes in a battle to defeat the forces of evil! Be a part of tens of thousands and thousands of online gamers to assemble your Elves vs Dwarves and rule the lands! The battle has solely merely begun! PLAY FOR FREE and be a part of tens of thousands and thousands worldwide to banish evil from the grounds! Accumulate buddies to select extraordinarily environment-friendly Alliances and rise to the perfect of the leaderboards. Play as Elves or Dwarves as you be a part of heroes to assemble your empire and rule the dominion.

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kxi9LDxxxxx Get

- Gold x1958K, Gems x967, Coins x24378

IjwC47xxxxx Get

- Diamonds x245, Money x46298, Resources x1324K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
upCIVHPlmGyJune 11, 2023538
IDJ4y5dNqjbrJune 23, 2023658
de5cQgOEJ9July 14, 2023957
FHoe8jK2WQUJuly 11, 2023221
jvNhnpYf97tJune 9, 2023723

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Since the beginning then the name change the, the game gradually and consistently declined in overall quality and functionality. But wait! It gets better! Now the genius 'showrunners' decided to make dissimilar language players merge servers and also reduce group size. Bad management. And now supposedly there is an updated version that can't be updated to. Par for the course, I should have seen that one coming.

Its nostalgic to play the leftover game from Kabams KOM. Graphics are solid, gameplay is just fine. The only thing lacking is other players unfortunately. If there are three things the devs could do its this: 1. Advertise like crazy to try and get a resurgence of interest in the game. 2. Revamp the in-game purchases to be cheaper / more worth while. 3. Create new servers, clear old ones, and revamp the event system. This could be a thriving game once again...the devs just need to the work in!

Long time user. The game itself hasnt changed much at all in years except it seems like it doesnt work as well as it used to with more glitches and the support center seems less helpful than it used to be. And with this last update (16.5) almost every android user has been locked out of the game. If youre looking to spend hours upon hours in a virtual world this game may be for you. Despite its glitches and any other complications the game is honestly addictive and very time consuming.

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Join the Elves or Dwarves and train vast armies to rule the realm! Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue with “Advance” button enabling
2. Fixed the missing “upgrade” button image in mount gear window.
3. Fixed an issue accessing mere-burg when previous cities are not all built.
4. Fixed an issue where boss name does not display in summon-cap-reached message.

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