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Elona Mobile is an exciting new mobile game that brings the beloved PC game Elona to your fingertips. Step into a vast open world filled with endless possibilities and embark on epic quests. Customize your character, choose your playstyle, and explore dungeons, villages, and more. Encounter a variety of unique creatures and gather resources to craft powerful items. Engage in turn-based combat, use magic, or become proficient in a specific weapon. With its immersive gameplay and captivating storyline, Elona Mobile offers an unforgettable gaming experience.

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I really want to like this game. I liked the original and this one is better in so many ways. But menu hunting has really turned me off from playing. There is too much stuff that are menus within menus and figuring out what of the 30 buttons is the one I want is rough. It likely needs grouped icons for them. I didn't find the tutorial menu for mechanics until level 20. I also have to eat and sleep the moment I open the game every time. It gets tedious, and I have to play less often.

The gameplay itself is actually pretty good. The only thing is that it crashes with ads so i had to turn them off. It also restarts a lot because it's always trying to connect to the point that I can't get into the game sometimes. I wish that it had some more customization and a dedicated quest page to keep track of all the quests I have to do not just a chat box. Or maybe there is & I haven't found it it's a lot of buttons I don't know the purpose of yet.

As someone who loved the PC release of Elona years ago, the requirement to stay online ruins a lot of the fun when it has even the slightest connection issue. Whenever it does, it resets the current map's progress which makes playing very cumbersome. Overall, it's much easier and more fleshed out than the masochistically cruel PC version, with the obvious shortcoming of being unable to design your home block by block among a few other things.

It's definitely a cute game, but it feels awkward and clunky. The item identification system could use some work; not having any way of knowing if or when a food item will spoil until I get to a town is annoying. The tutorial is only marginally helpful and there are a number of stats you're meant to keep an eye on without being told how to do so. Also, the races and classes don't seem to effect anything aside from your starting stats, which is sad. Didn't meet my expectations.

Think the original but easier and simpler. That's not a bad thing mind you it may be a bit too easy though. Only times you get ads seems to be when you die and there are unfortunately some pay to win options with premium currency which makes me worried about the full release. Overall I think it's great for a free game, just really needs some rebalance. I also think it's a great gateway to the original Elona due to how much it teaches.

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