Elefant.ro is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of products, from electronics and fashion to home appliances and toys. With over 2 million products available, customers can easily find what they need at competitive prices. The platform also provides customers with a user-friendly interface, secure payment options, and fast delivery. Whether you’re looking for the latest smartphone, trendy clothing, or even books and office supplies, Elefant.ro has it all. With its convenient shopping experience, Elefant.ro is the go-to destination for online shopping in Romania.

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- 50% off any book, free shipping on all electronics, 20% discount on fashion items, buy one get one free on toys.

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- 30% off any book, Buy 2 home appliances get 1 free, Free shipping on electronics, 20% off any clothing item

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It would be useful to improve your site/app If you want to choose the last easybox on the list, you can't using your phone because it doesn't show on screen even if it exists! Also the lower part of the screen sometimes is overlapping the upper part and its very frustrating when you need to introduce information. Overall, my experience while ordering was bad, took much longer than it was needed because of the problems mentioned above and make me want to go the the store rather than order online

Worst application. I had to reinstall it 3 times in the last year, the account never stay logged in. Everytime I reopen the application I have to fill in the information. The wishlist is never up to date

This app works terrible, constantly crashing. It doesn't open the item selected, just freezes.

the worst app and customer service ever. lost my money, lost my patience. it took a year to try to get them back, and of course ticket closed without resolution.

The app is not working. Does not load, only opens for a second and it closes automatically.

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elefant.ro, your family online mall, with special Happy Wishlist on mobile Performance and stability improvements

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