Elderand Codes (2023 December) 1.3.19

Last update November 22, 2023

Elderand is a platform designed to connect aging adults with caregivers who provide compassionate and personalized support. With a focus on quality care, Elderand ensures that seniors receive assistance in daily activities, healthcare management, and emotional well-being. The platform allows users to search for caregivers who meet their specific needs and preferences, ensuring compatibility and trust. Elderand also offers resources and educational materials to empower both seniors and caregivers. With Elderand, aging adults can thrive in a safe and supportive environment, enhancing their quality of life.

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T5QAbC6f933December 16, 2023
DigdmThUcs714January 7, 2024
uqZTgQswG966January 8, 2024
KUedJvmz7MV157December 23, 2023
p1fnOyqg5P558November 28, 2023

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Elderand Tier List

What a great game, at least until the ending. I feel like I was being built up to a great fight and an understanding if why the main character was important, but nope. EDIT: went back and tried to fully explore more, in the end its not a bad idea on how the story unfolds but it can leave people like me a bit underwhelmed. Game really needs a HUD fix for when you pick up items. Doesn't tell you what it is.

Lots of potential, but feels like a very stylized beta version. Had to refund due to there being too many bugs(such as purchasing items from trader only to find out the inventory button is only for relics) no options to customize HUD which should be standard in this type of game. The buttons are too small and too close, and in a strange order. The visuals are amazing, but for a PAID game it falls short.

Fun game so far. My last save file has an issue. When I load the save I'm invisible and can't move from the coliseum. Weapons make the sound and ammo drops when I use arrows or bombs but nothing on the screen. Can you fix this I have 96% percent of the map revealed. Don't want to start over.

I've played quite a few metroidvania games and came into this completely blind. After around 5 hours in, I honestly really like it. The story is progressing, the gameplay is easy to pick up, challenging and fun, whilst the variety of enemies is impressive and at times horrific. Very much bloodborne vibes with some of them. Also I love the castlevania homages, especially the score. Only gripe I have is that you can't seem to be able to swap rings or armour around. At least I haven't found out.

Updated on 7 oct. The controls are so so much better! Thanks dev for the quick turnaround! Now we can resize the buttons! Couldn't play... the buttons are not sensitive at all. Example for movement, d pad or joystick, it will not register the touch intermittently. This is the same for the attack buttons and so on. Cannot reposition the buttons as well. Using S23 Ultra.

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A metroidvania with RPG elements filled with ennemies and epic fights. • New controls system available
• Action buttons can be moved and enlarged
• The game's text has been increased in size!
• Spawning in a wall is now fixed
• Players need less time between actions. The game is now more dynamic!

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