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Edmunds – Shop Cars For Sale

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How to redeem Edmunds – Shop Cars For Sale codes?

To redeem coupon for Edmunds, visit website, select car for sale, enter coupon code during checkout for discount. Enjoy savings on your purchase.

Edmunds – Shop Cars For Sale Coupon reviews

Very useful app, but it is an absolute pain to clock on a car from 100 cars down the list, go back to the list and be transported to the very top of the page. When you're 6 hours deep into car research that just becomes a nightmare. Also, the cars I save on the app do not transfer to my account on the site, creating a situation where I have to reference my phone and then my computer and then back to my phone again. This could definitely be improved.

All is well except after you bring up a search list and say your halfway down the list and click to view a listing its great except when you go back to the main list you are back at the top of the list again ...it goes back everytime after you look at a specific vehicle ...so this turns into a hassle because it doesnt just go back to the same spot where you were already at...

I just started car shopping and this is such a great app to do all of my research!! Edited review: I ended up buying a great car with one of the highest ratings in several areas: safety, warranty, etc. This really helped me pick the car that was a perfect choice for my budget, lifestyle and personal preferences. Thank you Edmunds!!

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