Arcade for android. Want to develop your telekinesis powers? Is it possible in this game? Try the 12 levels of the demo, which are free. But at your disposal as many as 48 levels. The original game is great for mobile devices.

Breathtaking graphics will be interesting for every player. Learning to play is not difficult, there are no obstacles for this. The electronic soundtrack is able to surprise and delight you. There are audio achievements. All this is possible within a unique and interesting game that you can use right now. Any type of player will appreciate the game. The passage of each subsequent level is a plus in your piggy bank.

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nPcVS4xxxxx Get

- Gold x4698K, Gems x795, Coins x42691

MJ6d89xxxxx Get

- Diamonds x127, Money x23574, Resources x1728K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
6Sz3yDk2fIXApril 23, 2023614
W5JNbHOqdt2nMay 11, 2023526
X5krqtmWbcMay 18, 2023667
HdnNqQi7wtbMarch 25, 2023270
0RENFrYjLDwApril 3, 2023409

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
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I used to play the game on my mum's old phone in my childhood. It was my one and only game that I had. I remembered it one day and decided to search the play store for it. Luckily I found it! Revived my old childhood memories. So nostalgic! The best game with no stupid ads!!! I would appreciate it very much if you made the whole game free though. Keep it up! 👍👍

I played this game in my childhood and found it very much excited and amazing. I downloaded it again and find it more interesting . The graphics are best. Good use of various color lights on a black theme . But I will appreciate if they provide complete game for free.

Interesting concept, feels totally chaotic, like you don't have controll at all. But it lacks some features and improvements, like the ability to zoom in/out, rotate the camera, improve the menu ui, improve the controlls by adding optional joystick and/or buttons controll etc.

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Mobigame's multi-awarded and critically acclaimed game is back! Haptic Feedback on supported devices (you can turn it off in the options)
Support full screen in Landscape and Portrait modes
Bug fixes (Ghost, JP)

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