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Earn to Die 3 is an adrenaline-fueled racing game that puts you in the driver’s seat of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. As a survivor, your mission is to escape the hordes of zombies by upgrading your vehicle with killer weapons and durable armor. The game features multiple levels with different terrains and obstacles, as well as a range of powerful vehicles to choose from. With immersive graphics and gripping gameplay, Earn to Die 3 delivers an action-packed racing experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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fPIFsMvSVB941December 23, 2023

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A good game, it deserves all 3 stars I gave it. But still too many glitches. For instance when u use certain vehicles they get stuck in some places on the map. Where u cant maneuver out, until the zombie car wrecks your car. The big zonbie boss always catches up to quickly too, when traveling a couple 1000 ft I would think I have a sizable lead, but one mishap and he is on your ass, and kills u before u have a chance to get away. By firing rockets way to quickly. And the health declines to quickly too, it would be great if there was an armour upgrade too, to tank more hits. 4 or 5 good hits with a good vehicle and the run is done. Another thing that needs bettering is the vehicles, they feel to much as if you're controlling a solid log, or something, not good enough aerodynamics, as in real life. And make the cars take on a bit of a different appearance when always upgrading. The game also needs more content out of the original gameplay, and more added gameplay. It would also be great too, if for completing each objective that u get a price that steadily increases, and a few more gameplay modes tied together for more money. The cars also need a separate distance meter on each level, not just tied together. It's annoying to see how far you were. With more general improvements added too. The rockets you get after completing enough objectives are great, but it would be hella awesome if I still had the option to turn it on and off before a run. I dont like the rockets at all. They are kinda a waste of good gameplay as It's better to just drive most of the time. Adding them into the game to use when needed or wanted would be awesome too, to gain a sizable lead, which u dont, the monster catches up with ease when you've outran him for even 10000 feet. It sucks, he should have the same problems I do. With hills and bumps. Another funny glitch I found is that after a certain distance you start to see the same parts of the map more and more often, and it gets noticeably more and more steeper as well. And after going through so much trouble to get the gun it sucks that it only has 19 shots or so. I wish it had closer to 500, the shots are gone after 500 feet, it's great that they help obliterate obstacles, but sucks that the shots run out so fast.

I had high hopes for this one after the previous installment, however I was disappointed. This game is still alright, but it has some big flaws. For instance, the giant zombie truck which, for one, is a really poor design choice for this game - it could have been something that genuinely made sense in the game, like a giant debris storm. The bigger issue with it is the rubberbanding. I hate how even after building up a massive lead, the zombie truck is always moving at the same speed or faster than me. Physics also do not seem to apply to this zombie truck and it makes the game look unpolished. The endless runner style doesn't really work for this game. I liked the level based progression in the previous two games more, and it makes the gameplay feel cheap. A storyline is also missing from this game, although there was somewhat of a story on the previous two games. This really feels like a downgrade from Earn to Die 1 and 2, and until the major problems with this one are ironed out , your time would be better spent playing the previous games.

Overall it's not a bad game. It has some interesting approach like vehicle level up, objectives, finding vehicles in the map. Pros: - More variety of maps and vehicles - Lots of play time as the maps have no ending Cons: - Way too repetitive to level up and upgrade vehicles and unlock new map - Vehicle level up and upgrades have almost unnoticeable change to the performance - Zombies shoot missiles at you from front and back and you have no way of defending yourself - Zombie truck chasing you can catch up as soon as you slow down for split second (thousands ft advance doesn't mean anything) - No armor upgrade for all vehicles I suggest: - Bring back the upgrade system used in ETD2 - If missile shooting zombies are gonna stay in the game, add defensive system to upgrade - Make distance driven to accumulate instead of always starting from 0 - Maybe have ending to the map. Perhaps each maps can have number of stages and difficulty levels, - For some more variety add more weapons and armors to vehicles

This game is fun but why is it when I hit every 3 barrels it slows down for a second saying boom, then when I hit a building it slows down for a second and why is it when I get between 4000ft and 4500ft the boss comes barreling down on ur ass? I lost the boss for 5mins and bag he's on me. I can't get 150 zombies because of this.. I've been trying for a few days.. I won't spend money unless the game makes u... hope this stops or I'm gone.. if it dose I'll give 5 stars.........

Gets repetitive and boring so much ads and missions are too hard to do. Earn to die 1 and 2 are way easier than this version. Not as fun when youve been playing for hours and just keeps upgrading the same car and doing the same thing over and over again

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Drive your car through zombie hordes. Unlock & upgrade new cars along the way.

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