“Dungeon SurvivorⅢ: Dark Genesis” is an epic adventure role-playing game that immerses players in a dark and dangerous world full of dungeons, monsters, and treasures. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, players must navigate through the treacherous landscapes, battle terrifying adversaries, and unravel the mysteries hidden within the depths of the dungeons. This game offers a rich and engaging storyline, challenging gameplay, and an expansive world to explore. As players progress, they can collect powerful gear, unlock new abilities, and build their character’s strength to overcome the many challenges that await in “Dungeon SurvivorⅢ: Dark Genesis.”

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- "Victory! Earn 50 gold, 20 potions, and a legendary weapon."

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- 1. Obtain a magical sword, 20 potions, 5 tokens, and 100 gold.

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Dungeon SurvivorⅢ:Dark Genesis

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CODEExpiration Date
LBFZPG01March 12, 2024
6CIF570YGDMarch 15, 2024
W1CL39TYBMarch 20, 2024
8TL67SFEGQAApril 12, 2024
3I0BYA9725March 3, 2024
ZIT7R14YMarch 17, 2024
DW3FQN6PXEMarch 14, 2024
AH0W5BMC2March 27, 2024

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Dungeon SurvivorⅢ:Dark Genesis Review

Previously, I was in love with this game. After playing for a month, and being stuck on the same boss for two weeks because of the "franti", which is the cheapest device I've ever seen for making bosses as close to unbeatable as possible, and no mixture of heroes seems to make a difference, since you can't really get enough resources to level them up properly. I still love the actual game play, but the bosses = hideously overpowered. Franti = major cheat, on top of all the requirements to win.

I rarely write reviews, but this game deserves it. First, the story set in post-apocalypse medieval fantasy and the way the story told is also very interesting. Second, the designs of the heroes are very beautiful along with their background stories. Lastly, this game is not stingy and you can collect all the heroes quite easily (not as long, difficult and expensive as other games). The in-game rewards are also very generous.

Performance is poor, for a 2d parallax game. It crawls to single digit fps constantly on a phone that can easily handle demanding 3d games. - the progression is heavily rng based as most gear is behind a buy once a day shop loot box. - the drop rates are abysmal. -even if you want to pay to win the money to benefit rates are poor,. - any and all help comes from discord and no wiki is up-to-date even the ones the games links you to. -new toons comes to non paid after 3 month. Typical gacha.

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