Drop & Smash is a thrilling game where you can unleash your destructive side. Choose from an array of objects and drop them from different heights, watching them smash and shatter into pieces. The realistic physics engine adds to the excitement as you see the objects react to gravity and momentum. The game offers a variety of levels and challenges, keeping you engaged and entertained. Let your stress melt away as you drop and smash your way to satisfaction in this addictive game.

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- 100 gold, 2 gems, 5 rubies, 3 diamonds, 20 resources, 1 epic equipment, 500 money, 10 items, 4 equipment.

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- 1000 gold, 200 gems, $50, 10 diamonds, 500 resources, Epic sword, Healing potion, Rare armor.

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B63aYygb894October 25, 2023
d7DqaZipuN863October 31, 2023
brY8Ss3Ky316October 23, 2023
XJajpfn6IoO171October 8, 2023
KaFHj0IpNY788October 4, 2023

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I like the concept. It would be better if-- -the player controlled the outward/side to side trajectory of the dropped item. -the player could view all angles of the scene through the fall; -the player could control the replay(slow/fast, fwd/rev, perspective, frequency, and skip) until they choose to move to the next level. At level 69, 102 meters, power level 113, there is an ad after every jump. That took less than 2 hrs. Bogged down the game. Random ads worked fine, ads for bonuses did not.

Concept is good, a game where you break things by dropping something on them, but the ads are awful. An unskippable ad after every single drop, even if you tap to continue without doubling your rewards is insane. You should be rewarded extra for watching an ad voluntarily, and if you're going to force an ad on the player, don't give them an option like they have a choice and then not reward them for sitting through it. Another greedy developer ruining a good idea.

Pretty much an incredibly slow paced clicker game. You upgrade height and power but other than that you don't control the drop. The ads are ridiculous, literally after every drop. The graphics are alright, good enough that I would play it if it weren't for the ads, but I'm uninstalling after the review. I don't mind ads in free games at all i know they gotta make money, but once you install this one, you'll understand.

I rarely give an app a low rating but this one deserves it. Ads every time you smash an object and before I can even accept the offline bonus I'm met with another ad. Some you can skip others you have to wait. Its severely annoying when you just wanna play the game and you have to wait. No option to even pay to get rid of them (although that might not help either) If you wanna play "watch the ads every 10 seconds" be my guest. If not then please don't play this game.

So thought the game looked like a fun little game. However its ruined by the ludicrous amount of ads during gameplay, every single drop, you get an ad, whether you choose to watch one for double coins or not. When you watch more ads than you actually play the game, its terrible.

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Can you break the object? + Bug fixes and improvements to keep you smashing the objects

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