In the world of Drone Battle, a new and unexpected competitor has emerged – idle cats. These seemingly lazy creatures have garnered attention for their incredible skills in taking down drones. Known for their lightning-fast reflexes and impeccable timing, these cats have become the new sensation in the drone battlers’ community. With their stealthy movements and precise pounces, they effortlessly dismantle drones mid-flight. Their relaxed demeanor and nonchalant attitude make them the underdogs to root for. Who knew that the world’s laziest creatures could dominate the skies and claim victory in the Drone Battle arena?

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XkSDVZbN722December 7, 2023
dQOTmcRkoJ814December 29, 2023
H076meToE220December 3, 2023
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bVMSKUYBDp862December 22, 2023

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Well I believe the bug was fixed with the pvp update. The game is great. Just wish there was more to the battle portion. Like make it a little more interactive. Maybe a boost ability to speed up drone production. Other then that the game seems to work very well, and the idle is very consistent. I would like to see a mode to gain gems. Like normal battle mode but like a boss raid for gems. Great work though, keep it up.

I really like this game. It has merging but it isn't the main focus of the game, it doesn't shove micro transactions in you face, doesn't show you an advertisement every time you do anything, and I really like most features of this game. The only reason I gave this a 4 star instead of a 5 is because after 20-30 minutes it starts giving me less than 1 frame per second but that may just be my phone.

Enjoying it so far but disappointed at the lack of an ad buyout option. With so many games having ads if there's an option to buyout then i'll take it, and if it costs more to get the rewards without watching the ads then better still. Please consider it. Then you'll get the 5 stars from me.

This game is a fun and satisfying idle game but the only thing is that all the upgrades/building cost not much but it's kind of hard to get resources to build them and whenever you watch and ad I think it's kind of overpowerd because you earn about 500 gold and if you watch 2 ads you can get lots of resources wich will make you very powerful and finally the hacker drone I think is broken/glitched because whenever I use the special it does nothing and the opponent doesn't have any firewall.

The best way to progress is through watching ads. Kind of lame how roughly 3 hours of playing equals watching 30 seconds of promotional material. The upgrades scale from 1K minerals to 200K and very quickly to 3M. 6 ads for 3M or play for 300K seconds with 10rss per second! So basically, start the game, watch 8 ads and you will have finished a whole day of playing. If watching ads is what you are into, this is the game for you, as there is no reason to play the game at all!

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